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What Are Off-Page SEO Services?

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Did you know that 68% of online activities begin with a search engine? Many businesses don’t realize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for growing their organization. Increasing your online visibility is a surefire way to stay ahead of your competition. 

On-page SEO is often where marketers put most of their effort into their strategies. Off-page SEO services are just as impactful as on-page. These are tactics that happen outside of your website to boost your rankings. 

Understanding SEO terminology and methods can be overwhelming. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about off-page SEO and ways to incorporate it into your marketing plan. 

What Is Off-Page SEO?

As we mentioned, off-page SEO elements take place, well, off-page. Common activities include:

  • Building backlinks
  • Writing a guest post
  • Leaving a comment

Backlinks and other off-page SEO services play a part in the search engine’s algorithm. Search engines like Bing and Google use off page SEO signals to rank your website. The higher your website ranks, the more easily it can climb the search engine results pages. 

What Are Off-Page SEO Techniques?

There are other methods you should explore in addition to the ones we talked about above. Let’s discuss some of the most common ones


Backlinks are used by search engines to help them identify what websites are posting high-quality content. There are a few types of backlinks:

  • Natural Links: Backlinks you receive without having to take any action
  • Manual Links: For example, asking another company to recommend your services or products
  • Self-Created Links: Links you create by setting up a social media profile, signing up for a directory, etc. 

Social Media

Social media is another place off-page SEO can occur. Social media isn’t a ranking factor, but search engines have acknowledged its importance and worth. 

Many people head to social media platforms when looking for a product or service. Users can come across your website on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Your website’s organic traffic will increase as users get directed to it from your social media accounts. 

Liking and sharing posts can give your company a boost. You can increase the number of followers or subscribers you have by interacting with other businesses and users. 

Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is another common off-page SEO tactic. You can partner with a high-ranking website that’s considered an authority in your industry. It’s also a great way to build high-quality backlinks that direct readers back to your website. 

What Are Off-Page SEO Benefits?

Experienced SEO consultants will create a comprehensive plan that includes both on and off-page SEO services. A reputable local SEO company will help you understand how their services can benefit your business. Common benefits of off page SEO include:

  • Improved visibility
  • Better business relationships
  • Optimized website 
  • Improved brand recognition 
  • Higher domain authority 

Find Off-Page SEO Services From a Reputable Company

When speaking with SEO consultants, make sure they offer off page SEO services. Don’t put all your SEO eggs in one basket. A well-rounded SEO campaign will ensure your website’s organic traffic increases and you see the results you’re hoping to achieve. 

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