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What are Metallic Business Cards?

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The metal business cards include a printing cycle where CMUK tones and printed with gold or silver foil. The outcome is a shimmery, glittery Metallic business Card. These Cards are regularly imprinted on paper Cardstocks, not Metal. Printing Effects on our Metal Business Cards


Recording just for our Metal Cards. When utilized on our tempered steel Cards, it makes a somewhat inserted look with a matte completion. It is an excellent and rich completion for subtleties and plan on our Metal Cards and is hitting in blend with a spotting tone.

Laser Engraving

Laser etching gives a very novel completion. Generally famous on our Metal plates, the laser consumes the ideal plan, leaving a fascinating get done with various shades of shading relying upon the surface cut. For instance, on our uncoated dark duplex Cards, the outcome is a profound “bronze” space. On our dark metal business card, you will see the silver and bronze completions on our impeccable Metal and gold Cards.

Spot tone

Spot-shading permits you to add strong, splendid tones to Metal Cards. For best outcomes, spot shading mixes well with scratching, although with the right plan it can likewise act naturally contained. Add marking or a one-of-a-kind tone to the plan of painted Metal Cards.

Slice Through

Pressing factor cutting permits extraordinary settings for your membership card. Both basic and complex plans can be made with accuracy and unpredictably with our Metal Cards, giving you an appealing and excellent outcome. Use it to finish within the Card plan or to give the adjusted corners or Cards a special shape.

Crystal and ice Decoration

The exceptional crystal and front completions accessible in our extravagant scope of dark Metal Cards give wonderful finished and finger impression safe completions. The crystal finish takes into consideration micro geometric designs, while the ice-safe completion gives the Card a fine surface. Our scope of sumptuous dark Metal Cards with crystal or ice-safe completions is an exquisite and amazing articulation.


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