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What are Lab-grown diamonds?

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Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been growing artificially in a controlling lab environment. There are many benefits to these, the most important being the ability to produce them in any colour, clarity and size. They are more durable than natural diamond, being able to withstand scratching and abrasion better than natural diamonds. Lab-created diamond also have a much greater sparkle. 

Lab-grown diamonds have many advantages over natural diamonds. There is no pressure on the environment and less loss of resources throughout the entire process. The chemical makeup of these diamonds is the same as that of natural diamonds, so they consider ethical diamond. They also cost much less than natural diamond due to their synthetic origin.

They are available in virtually any colour

Clarity, and size. Lab-grown diamonds are very similar to natural diamonds which means they will match those of your mined and purchased diamond in both colour, clarity, and size. You can also personalise your diamond with a unique stone, unlike any other.

The price of diamonds will be dependent on the size of the diamond

So smaller diamonds will cost less than larger ones. All lab-made diamonds are incredibly strong and durable. They have a similar structure to natural diamond which makes them the hardest. Because they are synthetic diamonds, they are also be make in any metal colour or alloy you wish.

You can choose from a range of shapes as well. Many lab-grown diamond rings are available in brilliant cuts, princess cuts, and more traditional round brilliant cuts. Lab-grow diamond can also make into necklaces or earrings. They are extremely versatile and useful in any jewellery piece you wish.

How are these made?

These diamonds are makes in a laboratory under the CVD diamonds manufacturing process. The process of creating a diamond requires the following steps:

1. Diamond seeds are created by either irradiation or a chemical synthesis process.

2. The diamond seeds are placed in a reactor, and the gas mixture is processed into carbon and nitrogen, which under heat causes the two to combine into graphite.

3. The radiation is then used to cause this graphite to begin forming diamond by heating it in an alternating electric current.

4. The diamond are then removed via suction, which leaves them coated with a thin layer of graphite.

5. The diamond are polished in an attempt to remove this and then they are graded by size, colour and clarity before being sold.

The CVD manufacturing process is completely ethical and safe in comparison with the methods used to produce natural diamond. There is no known way that humans can grow a diamond without destroying it in the process.

Best CVD DIAMOND manufacturers?

You can buy CVD diamonds from India, India is the world’s largest producer of diamonds, with around 40% of the global production. Lab-grown diamond are a cost-effective alternative to natural diamond as they cost much less. Because of their high quality, these diamond are use in jewellery and other applications where natural diamonds cannot. CVD diamond manufacturer in India provides a wide range of diamond in all shapes, sizes and qualities.

Lab-grown diamonds

Are a great option for those who want the advantages of a diamond and want something that is better for the environment. They provide high clarity CVD diamonds. They offer superior quality and the best competitive price on lab-grown diamonds in India, lab-grown diamond are an environmentally friendly option when it comes to diamond purchase. Lab-grown diamond are a cost-effective alternative to natural diamond. Because of their high quality, they can be used in jewellery and other applications where natural diamond cannot.

These lab-grown diamond are also very durable. They are scratch-resistant and are less likely to chip or crack, making them perfect for daily wear as well as for jewellery and other items that need to withstand wear. In India, CVD diamond manufacturers have a wide range of diamond at the best price in India.

Buy affordable Lab-grown diamonds in India?

Buy lab-grown diamonds in India and enjoy the huge savings that can be made on CVD diamonds and diamond jewellery. The lab-grown diamond market is booming in India and looking to grow even more. Due to higher demand and increased supply, the prices of Lab-grown diamond have dropped. This is highly beneficial to those who are looking to purchase their diamond jewellery, as they can save a lot of money. These Lab-grown diamond are the best way to save money on jewellery in the future.

Not only do these CVD diamonds last longer than traditional diamond stones, but they can also be used for a longer period of time without losing their shine or brightness. The lab-grown diamond made in India are very low maintenance and can handle daily wear and tear with ease. With a lifetime warranty, these diamond are fairly priced and are also made to last for a long time.

Lab-grown diamonds price.

In India is quite cheaper. Currently, this is one of the least expensive options that are available. When compared with natural diamonds, CVD diamond prices are much lower. This is because they require less time and resources to create, and are almost entirely maintenance-free. This allows them to be sold at a lower price.

CVD diamond manufacturers in India.

Are providing quality jewellery at an affordable rate. Compared to other countries such as Canada or the United States, lab-grown diamonds are much lower in price and value. This allows for affordable jewellery options that can be purchased without needing a large payment upfront. This increases their longevity and can allow them to last for years without losing their shine or sparkle.

Customers will also find that these CVD diamond prices do not vary much from one company to another, allowing for a better shopping experience. CVD diamond manufacturer in India is the largest producer of diamonds in the world, and as such, they have a large supply to choose from. This allows them to sell at a lower cost without losing quality.

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