What are electronic medical records and their benefits?

electronic medical records

We are no more living in the era when people used to write everything down and keep records in paper files to refer to later. Whether personal, professional, or medical records, all of them are in digital form these days. Electronic medical records are simply the digital version of the patient’s paper chart that only the authorized person can access at the time of need. There are different software that doctors use to store such information. Moreover, there are online electronic medical records apps with features to help medical practitioners maintain electronic medical records.

What are Electronic Medical Records?

To put in simple words, these are the digital version of the patient record file. These records have all the information regarding the health concern, treatment suggested by the doctor, and the progress so far.

There are features in the doctors’ app online that let the health practitioner store these records and access them whenever the need persists. Moreover, they can also update, remove or add details to the digital records.

Benefits of using the electronic medical records

There are multiple advantages that digital medical records offer. Let us get a deeper insight into it and discuss some of the benefits.

Better Office Coordination

As there is no fuss of writing the records and keeping them stacked in the racks, the entire consultation process becomes seamless and convenient. In addition, the staff wouldn’t have to struggle to locate the files as these records can get accessed with a few clicks.

Easy data Transfer and Updates

Sometimes there is a need to share the prescriptions and other details within the organization or outside it. In such situations, if you have electronic records, you can share the data within seconds. However, such is not the scenario with files and paper files. The concerned person would have to find out the patient file and then deliver it, either manually or after scanning and sending them over an email.

Data Privacy and Safety

The best part about the online medical doctor apps is that they offer access controls. You can decide who can access what part of the app, which means you can control who can view and access the patient records. It gives added security against information leaks and also ensures that the privacy of the person is maintained. It is definitely a plus as the paper files are out in the open for anyone to see, steal or destroy.

Improved service quality

When the records of the treatment history are in front, the communication between the doctor and the physician gets better. Furthermore, quick access to the records ensures effectiveness and promptness in the treatment process. Moreover, as the doctors can track and record the progress in the treatment, it will help them plan the next step of the treatment process better. Another advantage is, the patient does not have to carry the records along for every consultation. Therefore, it gives utmost comfort and keeps the stress of saving the file away.

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No chances of error

To err is human; true. But the machines rarely make any errors. When the records are put on the app directly using the electronic medical record feature, there are no chances of obvious human errors. Manual reports can have misspelled or wrong information that someone might have put wrongfully, but such things don’t happen in electronic ones. It is the vital advantage of electronic records as one error in the patient records can prove disastrous for many.

Saves Time and Cost

A healthcare professional can save lots of time and money by using the doctor’s app online and storing patient records electronically. They do not have to spend the money in getting the things to write and maintain records, and they would have to hire staff for record handling. Additionally, writing the information directly on the app and accessing it whenever required saves plenty of time as people do not have to look for the records and analyze them.

These are only a few advantages of using electronic medical records. Other than this, it improves how a clinic or a healthcare practitioner work and help their business scale. Hence, if you are a healthcare professional, make the best use of technology through the online medical doctor app and watch your business grow exponentially.

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