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What are Drain Holes, and How You Can keep them Clean? Automobile Guide 2021

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What are Drain Holes, and How Can keep They Clean? Automobile Guide 2021

There are many mysteries to automobiles. The more you start reading about the different car parts, the more exciting discoveries can make. Did you know that your car doors have Drain holes? Most cars nowadays have drain holes in the doors of the car for water to exit. The water that seeps in through the window of the car needs some space to escape. Especially when it rains, the water that enters the car accumulates in a narrow section located in car doors. Since this water needs an area to escape, the car doors are provided with drain holes. However, more often than not, these drain holes get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt. Therefore, any auto repair shop will tell you the importance of unclogging these drain holes.

These drain holes on w clogged stop the water from exiting the car doors. Due to the year of accumulation of water in the doors, rust begins to develop. You can check out whether the drain holes clog and if rust has developed. Just lay down on the ground, and try to locate the drain holes. These are usually located in the rocker panels and rear quarter panels, which can easy inspect by car owners.

Even though this seems like a trivial issue, it may cause several problems

The rust that develops in the car doors can slowly spread to other parts. Due to the rust, the car door may also begin to malfunction. Apart from the technical issues, the rusty door is not a very pleasant sight. The doors begin to corrode with more and more accumulation of gravel and dirt, it becomes increasingly difficult to clean the drain holes. Therefore, it is essential to check this area at regular intervals, especially if you have driven during a heavy shower. If you want to keep your car squeaky clean, every part of the automobile should examine.

What are Drain Holes, and How Can keep They Clean? Automobile Guide 2021

The best way to make sure that your car is absolutely clean is to take your vehicle to any auto body repair and care shop nearby. Even though checking and cleaning the drain holes is not typically included in a professional car wash, you can ask your auto mechanic to take a look at the drain holes.

Small drain holes are more prone to getting clogged

If you seldom take your car to a high-pressure car wash, then your car door will most likely assemble a lot of dirt. These water jets that eject water at very high-pressure areas are capable of cleaning most of the dirt from the automobile. However, it is important to check whether the drain holes washer properly or not.

If you take your car to a for cleaning at an auto repair shop, you may ask the mechanic to pay special attention to the drain holes. Being unaware of the situation may lead to a lot of problems, it may invite pests and different insects inside your car.

You can also scrutinize the whole situation yourself. Usually, the outer corner of the car door should have a small opening sealed by a cap. Once you open the cap, the water that had accumulated will escape from that exit. From time to time, you can check for yourself if the drain hole is clean. If not, you can take a small toothbrush and gently scrub the area. Any gravel, small stones, or dirt that may collect will remove and the path for water drainage will be clear. Even though this is a small issue, it may have a serious impact on the hygiene of your car.

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