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What are Cementing Tools and Their Uses?

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DIC OIL TOOLS is a Cementing Tools Manufacturer, and It provides innovative solutions to oil and gas customers with supreme high quality products in the markets. Appreciated among our customers for providing the best quality oilfield products. Made with high-quality raw material.

 We have various types of Cementing Tools which include: Cement Basket, Cementing Plug, Cementing Head, and Cement Retainer. Below explained are the different Types of Cementing Tools supplied by us.

Cement Basket

Cement Basket is a device that runs on casing, tubing or liners. Made to seal off zones below the basket from contamination by cement slurry. Constructed of elastic spring steel ribs.

Types of Cementing Baskets:

·         Slip on Welded Cement Basket

·         Canvas Cementing Basket

Slip on Welded Cement Basket: We are a Slip on Welded Cement Basket Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. Designed to run on casing above porous or weak formation which needs protection from the hydrostatic pressure generated by the cement column. Used in a where weak formation is required in helping a cement column. Our hinged cement baskets are easy to install around the casing OD. Made of high-quality material to provide maximum flexibility and fluid passage while maintaining optimum support.

Canvas Cementing Basket: Designed with flexible bow springs heat treated under controlled form for maximum strength. Used with relevant small casing. Canvas Cementing Basket can help in premature cement hydration. It can be expanded or, contracted as needed and can be rotated. Normal structure, easy to handle, and defend leakage effectively. It has a better capacity to adapt to the borehole and can adapt large than the nominal hole sizes. Not infected by the temperature and causticity liquid.

Cementing Plug

Mainly used to remove the mud in the cementing operations. It is a very important component of the petroleum industry as it is quite efficient in the business.

Cementing Plug Rotating: These Plugs come in two types: Bottom Cementing Plug and Top Cementing Plug. Made from grade rubber. Used upon a composite or aluminium core. We have cementing plugs in standard type and non-rotating type depending on the usage. It can be also ordered for higher operating temperature. Operation in either synthetic or mud fluids. DIC OIL TOOLS is a reliable Supplier of Cementing Tools in the oilfield industry and we assure you to supply the best high quality products. This available size ranges from 3 – 1/2” to 13 3/8”.

Cementing Plug Non Rotating: Designed to reduce the drill-out times. Reinforced locking teeth built into the plugs. Completly PDC drillable, as no metal parts are used. Easly drilled through PDC bits. Has a long functional life, with very few maintenance requirements. Plug is locked together between the plug. The float equipment to eliminate rotation of the plug during drill out.

Combination Cementing Plug: DIC OIL TOOLS is a Combination Cementing Plug Manufacturer based in Ajman, UAE. These are also provided with different sizes of Rubber Fins, which help in wiping on the casing walls as well as assist in displaying the cement in one step. This is also available in both conventional as well as in non-rotating designs. Made for use in combination casing strings with two or more different casing or tubing. This is available in size range from 4-1/2” to 20”.

Conventional Aluminium Insert Cementing Plug: Made of graded rubber that fused upon a composite or Aluminium core. Top and Bottom plugs are manufactured with aluminium inserts and are rubber coated. Used when a dual plug system is not required. Bottom plug is used when a dual plug system is required. This is also available in standard and non-standard sizes.

Double Plug Cementing Head: We are a Double Plug Cementing Head Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. Used as a wellhead unit in all types of cementing operations. Made of thick-walled seamless pipe. These tools have some advantages such as simple construction, easy operation, and high-pressure resistance. All sizes are available as per customer requirement.

Cementing Retainer:

We are a Cementing Retainer Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. Used for remedial cementing operations and light service applications. It allows faster removal from wells with either rotary or cable tool methods due to its compact size and selection of high-quality construction materials. Set mechanically or hydraulically. This is available in sizes ranging from 4 1/2″ to 13 3/8”. Suitable where squeeze cementing operations are being performed. High Performance of 1000psi and 400 °F in sizes.

Bridge Plug: Set in the casing to isolate a lower zone while an upper section is tested. It produced or injected into either permanently or on a non-permanent basis within the wellbore to stop fluids or gas from reaching an upper zone of the well.


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