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What are 5 Oral Health Diseases?

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Oral and dental health is the base of the overall health of our body. If our oral health is okay, it will have a positive effect on the overall health of the body and vice versa. So, it’s crucial to look after oral and dental health properly. To keep our teeth healthy, we must understand the common oral and dental diseases so that we may diagnose any defect soon after it emerges. 

If we ignore a minor tooth defect, it may result in some serious issues. That’s why a proper understanding of dental issues is necessary. Here are the most common oral diseases that are commonly found. 

5 Common Oral Diseases 

Here are the most common oral diseases that most people encounter. 

1- Calculus Bridge and Cavities

When someone ignores brushing or flossing of teeth after a meal for a long time, it will result in yellowish teeth. These yellowish teeth are due to a plaque on the teeth. If left uncured for a long time, it will result in hard plaque resulting in calculus. When calculus starts damaging the adjacent teeth, it’s called the calculus bridge. A calculus bridge is very dangerous and may result in some other issues. 

The calculus bridge, if left unchecked, will result in mini holes. These holes may gradually lead to the teeth cavities that are severely damaged teeth. 

2- Gingivitis

Gum is that part of our mouth that gets damaged by any oral issue easily. Any ignorance in dental health may result in severe damage to the gum. This may also result in gum swelling or gum preceding. Both these issues are very painful. Swollen gums will start bleeding when you floss or brush them. If left untreated, minor gum swelling may result in periodontitis. 

3- Periodontitis

Periodontitis is severe inflammation of teeth membrane and supporting tissues, gums. This is caused by different gum swellings and may result in inflammation throughout the body. The infection may also spread in the jaw and bones resulting in further diseases. 

4- Tooth Injury

Tooth injury may result in cracked or broken teeth. Also, chewing hard to chew foods and grinding the teeth may result in different dental injuries. Such a situation will not only be painful but may also accompany many other oral diseases. So, it’s necessary to see the dentist instantly in such a situation. 

5- Oral Cancer 

Oral cancer is a very critical condition of teeth or any other part of the oral cavity. Such cancer may affect the following oral parts. 

  • Tongue
  • Gums
  • Lips
  • The floor of the mouth
  • Cheek
  • Hard and soft palate

The use of tobacco, chewing it in particular, is the major cause of oral cancer. Oral cancer is not easily recognized and it’s the dentist who can recognize it. According to a recent report by the American Oral Cancer Foundation, about 50,000 citizens were affected with oral cancer last year. 

The earlier the oral cancer is diagnosed, the easier it’s to cure it. You need to make sure that you never compromise on oral care. So, it’s good to visit the dentist occasionally to maintain overall dental health. Besides the above-mentioned diseases, many other damages may occur to the teeth if left unchecked. Prevention is better than cure, so be conscious about cleaning youth to prevent different dental issues. 


Several oral diseases initiate due to negligence in the cleaning of teeth. However, it’s crucial to nip the evil in the bird. As soon as you see symptoms of any disease, consult your dentist to discuss the issue and to find some preventive measurements. We have discussed the top 5 oral diseases in the above section. Make sure that you visit the dentist upon any symptom of the above-mentioned diseases. 

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