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What a Professional Home Inspector Can Do For You

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Home Inspection is defined as the process by which an individual inspects the structure and
functionality of a dwelling. The main function of this inspection is to provide an individual with the
confidence to purchase, rent or lease any residential property. In most counties across the
United States of America, a licensed home inspector is required to inspect real estate for sale.
This is because it is thought that an individual who purchases a residential property without first
acquiring the services of a professional home inspector, could be subject to unforeseen and
costly problems. Home inspection services Atlanta GA are also referred to as real estate

Although there are numerous benefits associated with home inspection services, there are also
numerous risks and dangers associated with not obtaining these services from a professional
home inspector. When a professional home inspector Atlanta GA renders his or her
professional services he or she will identify and correct any defects or hazards in a residential
dwelling that may affect the safety and healthiness of the occupants of the dwelling. Some of the
major risks or dangers that are identified during a professional inspection include:

The presence of mold

As previously mentioned, a professional home inspector in Atlanta
Georgia is primarily responsible for identifying and repairing any existing mold in a residential
dwelling. Mold is known to cause many health concerns including allergies, sinusitis and asthma.
If mold is not detected and remedied before it causes significant health problems, the resulting
damage could be extensive. Mold can be identified on an inspection report by several common
characteristics such as: gray or black specks or spots, water leaks or holes, moisture or
dampness, and unattractive or unsightly patches. If you believe that you have a mold problem, it
is wise to contact a professional home inspector in Atlanta Georgia right away to prevent any
unnecessary or costly further damage.

Gutters and Downspouts

A professional home inspector in Atlanta Georgia can identify if there
are any faulty areas of gutters or downspouts that could be causing excess water to seep into a
home’s foundation or interior walls. It is also important to check for any missing pieces of debris
such as: gutter skirts, downspouts, or eaves. A professional home inspector in Atlanta Georgia
can also identify any cracking, breaks, or other irregularities in the walls. Cracks or breaks in the
wall may indicate possible leakages or water penetrations. Leaks are the most damaging to a
home’s foundation, so it is important to have any and all sources of water removed immediately.


What a professional home inspector in Atlanta Georgia can do for you are to identify
any faulty, broken, or missing appliances. He or she can visually inspect each item and then
provide a written report of the results of the visual inspection. If you do not have any items
identified as defective or broken, you should contact the manufacturer and have them evaluate
the item(s) for you and send you the results. It is important to note that appliances were
designed to be safe, but occasionally they fail to perform as they are supposed to.


If your home has been built on a concrete slab, check to make sure the foundation
is reinforced properly. If there are any cracks or openings in the foundation, it could mean that
water has leaked into the home. If the foundation is not reinforced properly it could weaken and
break, which could lead to the complete collapse of your home. Professional home inspectors in
Atlanta Georgia are trained to detect and correct all forms of structural damage. They can easily
identify weak spots and can make necessary repairs.


If your home has a flat roof, it is imperative that the roof is properly maintained and
repaired to prevent leaks and other damage. One of the most common causes of leaks is poor
maintenance of the gutter system. Professional home inspectors in Atlanta Georgia will be able
to identify whether your roof needs to be replaced or if a repair can be made. Having a
professional home inspector to evaluate your roof is crucial to preventing damage and leaks.

Home Appliances

Even the tiniest holes or cracks in a home can lead to dangerous situations.
Water can easily seep into electrical outlets or leak out onto floorboards. A qualified Professional Home Inspector Atlanta GA can examine your appliances and determine whether they are functioning
properly. They can also offer advice on what kind of repairs you need to make to keep your
appliances operating properly and in good condition. You should always have your appliances
inspected when purchasing or selling a home.


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