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Weekly Review: What makes a good anime?

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So we’ve seen them all, and there are a lot of good anime out there. Unfortunately, we all see bad things. What makes a good animation? Can you answer this question? Good anime depends on the person, right? People who like action anime admire action movies above all, but those who like romantic anime will find action anime not suitable. We will. I love all kinds of anime in all genres, so let me know how great anime is.

First of all, the storyline! A good story is necessary for the story and the story to succeed. This applies to movies, novels, and everything else you can imagine! It’s sad to see much recent kickass anime rwby series trying to combine loss stories and call them good. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive. For example, Log Horizon has one of the best storylines I’ve ever asked for.
Regularly, viewers should continue to engage in each episode to see the progress of this story. Beautiful. The king of the report may be Fate Stay Night. It may seem not easy initially, but the story is well-established and attractive. The storyline interests the viewer and keeps us immersed in the series, leading to our next topic!
Personality! What is the meaning of the story? Personality! Anime series must have characters they like or can relate to survive. It would help if you had a connection with the main character to immerse yourself in this fantasy world. There are many ways to create characters, so that I won’t go into it, but the most crucial turning point is development. Anime characters need to have some sense of development and growth.

Otherwise, we realize that we are just staring at the screen. I want to know that the character has grown. It’s not an anime, but a great example is The Walking Dead. Look at the current comparison of Rick Grimes with Season 1 Rick; excellent! This is an extreme case over several seasons, but it’s still the case. That’s what we’re looking for, growth … or madness, whatever works.
Now you have a story; you have a character. What is it now? They may need excellent or bad guys. Sure, you need a good, bad guy. Someone who challenges a superb person to make him better. My favorite bad guy is Guren Lagan. Because the bad guys aren’t that bad. If you look at the series, you know what I mean.
Now, Full Metal Panic is a bad example of a bad guy, and a good guy beats him repeatedly. It will be boring. Of course, the opposite is that new bad guys are in every episode, like Ushio and Tora. It works for some people but only for some. It could be more enjoyable and does the same thing every time. So a good anime needs to mix things.

Right now, I’m not the kind of person who handles elephants in the room, but the animation is essential. Most anime characters will say that the actual energy is not necessary. They say it’s like a player; the game goes beyond graphics. I agree; great spirits are beneficial. Taking the Neon Genesis Evangelion, the series is fantastic. But it’s hard to return after seeing the beautiful nature of the reconstruction. It helps you immerse yourself in a scene that looks cute.
That’s a bit of anger for me about animation. You may wonder how we got this far when we see many people doing the wrong thing, but someone must see it. Next week we’ll have an exciting anime … Soul Eater.


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