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Website Anti Bot Software: Can You Override It For Web Scraping?

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Web scraping is an essential tool for data extraction, but it can also cause problems for websites that want to protect their content. To combat web scrapers, many websites use anti bot software to prevent automated access to their pages. 

In this article, we’ll explore what anti bot software is and how it works, and we’ll also discuss strategies for bypassing these defenses.

What is Anti Bot Software?

Anti bot software is a type of software that’s design to detect and prevent automated access to a website. This can include web scrapers, bots, and other automated tools that are used to extract data from the website. Anti bot software typically relies on a combination of techniques to identify and block bots, including:

How to Bypass Anti Bot Software

There are several strategies that web scrapers can use to get around these defenses. Here are some common techniques:

  1. Use a rotating IP proxy: A rotating IP proxy can help to hide your true IP address and make it harder for websites to block your traffic. Most proxy providers offer automatic rotate timers, which is extremely convenient for scrapers. It’s made through a pool of different IP addresses, which makes it harder for websites to detect and block your traffic.
  2. Use a headless browser: a headless browser, such as Puppeteer or Selenium, can simulate a real browser environment and make it harder for websites to detect that you’re a bot. This can be an effective technique, but also resource-intensive and slow down your scraping process.
  3. Use anti-bot software detection tools: Some tools like Wappalyzer can help you to identify the anti-bot engine a website is using. This can help you to develop more effective strategies for bypassing their defenses.
  4. Use a dedicated anti-bot software bypass service. Modern proxy brands tend to build and provide their own dedicated Scraper APIs to help in bypassing anti-bot software. These services typically offer a range of tools including IP rotation and CAPTCHA solving services. On the downside, these branded tools may be expensive, which in some cases completely negates the point of scraping in the first place.

Browser Fingerprinting

Web scrapers can use a range of techniques and tools to bypass modern defenses and extract valuable data from websites, but the restrictions evolve all the time as well. The hardest of the new measures is high-level browser fingerprinting

A great tool that can help against browser fingerprinting is GoLogin browser, which is a privacy tool with API and headless mode. Originally a secure browser, it’s often use for web scraping.

Running from under GoLogin, your scraper will look like 98% of other normal Chrome users to even the most advanced websites thanks to its unique browser fingerprints.

Wrap Up

  1. Anti bot software is evolving all the time, but it can be bypassed.
  2. Browser fingerprinting is quite hard to deal with, as it includes a lot of parameters to manage.
  3. GoLogin browser is a trusted tool that can help protect web scrapers from anti-bot software with a unique browser fingerprint engine.


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