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Web Design: Shopify VS WordPress

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When building an ecommerce store, you have two choices of website builders. You can either use Shopify or WordPress. Which one you choose to make your store on will affect the user experience of every customer who visits your site. Both of these website builders are great for online stores, but each of them has its pros and cons. Which website builder is better? WordPress or Shopify (For eCommerce Websites)? Continue reading to determine which builder may be better for your Brisbane web design project.

Web Design for Brisbane Businesses 

There are many options when looking for a Web Design service to help you with your ecommerce website. Before deciding on one, research the pros and cons of Shopify vs. WordPress.

The company you choose will have a great deal to do with the success of your online business. You want to be sure you choose the best option for your needs.



Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows users to create their online stores. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build your website without any coding knowledge. Since it has all the features you need for your website, you don’t need to hire additional developers or designers.

Shopify is an excellent option if you’re starting and need more funds to spare. It’s also suitable for those who want to create an online store but need more technical skills for coding.

There are some drawbacks, however. Shopify only supports a limited number of themes, so you’ll have difficulty customizing its look and feel. The platform relies heavily on JavaScript, so it must be more compatible with mobile devices and search engine optimization.



 Started using WordPress as its central blogging platform, and it’s been growing from there. With almost 30% of all websites running on the WordPress platform, it shouldn’t surprise you that this is a more powerful tool than some think.

Where WordPress shines is in the design department. It’s a visual editing platform, meaning you can do many things without touching code. This makes a world of difference if you’re not a developer or don’t have a team of developers supporting you.

WordPress’ popularity has spawned an enormous ecosystem of plugins and themes that allow you to customize your site almost endlessly. You can develop custom functionality for your site without touching any code, thanks to the many “shortcodes” available for just about anything imaginable—if it can be done on a WordPress site, someone has written a shortcode for it already. Shortcodes also allow you to embed audio and video into your pages quickly.


How are Shopify and WordPress Different?

Shopify is an e-commerce tool specifically developed for online stores. It has several e-commerce plugins, so it is easy to create an online store without additional coding or programming skills. There is no cost associated with using the product; however, there is a monthly fee for using Shopify’s tools and features.

WordPress has evolved into a full-featured content management system (CMS). It can be used as a blogging platform or as part of an online store. Unlike Shopify, WordPress is free; however, you must pay someone to set up your blog or website. The free version of WordPress comes with little plugins and other features. A fee is associated if you want access to all of the great features.


Partner with Experienced Web Designers

Good web design is integral to generating sales. However, many Brisbane business owners need more time or resources to build their websites properly. This is why partnering with a dedicated web design agency is essential and beneficial for your business.

Digital Nomads HQ is a professional web design and development agency helping Brisbane businesses create beautiful, functional websites promoting sales. Our web designers go above and beyond to understand your business’s goals and milestones and help you achieve them!

Start reaping the benefits of good web design for your Brisbane business with DNHQ today.


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