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Web Application Development Trends and The Latest Web Technologies for 2021

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We’ve analyzed trends across all industries to create this definitive list of web application development trends for 2021. You can read about the top web technologies to watch for in the coming year as a bonus. No matter what you’re interested in – market developments, startup innovations, or IoT inventions – you need to know these trends.

The hottest web technology trends to adopt in 2021

“Finding out what the next big trend is will give us an idea of what to focus on.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Even if billionaires advise us with decades of industry-leading experience, what else can we do but agree? To simplify your research, save you time and help your business grow in the new decade, here are some key trends to be aware of when building your business on the web:

1| Voice search

We are currently living at the origin of the voice search era. Every smartphone is then provided with a digital voice assistant (Siri on iPhones and Google Assistant on Android phones). In addition, smart speakers with artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular.

Voice assistant users in the US

What explains this shift towards voice interfaces?

| Ease of use

We don’t need to learn to communicate. So babies and the vulnerable can interact with voice interfaces without any learning curve.

| Affordable prices

Digital voice assistants are already an integral part of smartphones. Smart speakers are not yet widespread, but a price starting at USD 50 is an excellent way to grow.

The report states that “the use of voice assistants is reaching critical mass.” And by 2021, nearly 123 million US citizens, or 37% of the total population, are expected to use voice assistants.

| Use them for your business

Voice search is one of the most notable trends in e-commerce. However, this is also true for all web-based businesses. If you need your web application to be found, you should optimize it for voice search as soon as possible.

You might also consider developing your application for smart speakers. It gives you another channel to build a loyal audience and boost sales.

2| WebAssembly

When building a web application, performance is usually essential. The limitations of JavaScript make complex calculations slower, which significantly affects the user experience. It is why most popular games and powerful applications are only available as native desktop applications.

WebAssembly is here to change the rules of the game. This new format aims to give web applications performance similar to that of a native application. WebAssembly can compile code from any programming language into bytecode that can execute in the browser.

WebAssembly, a new trend in web application development

WebAssembly code runs faster than JavaScript code. Therefore, you can write the performance-critical parts of your application in the most appropriate language (C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin, etc.). WebAssembly then takes care of the execution in the browser. Can execute native applications immediately in the browser. It means access to a more significant number of users and, at the same time, equivalent web performance without additional development costs!

A growing number of significant web and desktop browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera Mobile, etc., are taking UX to the top with this intelligent tool.

| Use it for your business.

Web applications are becoming increasingly efficient thanks to WebAssembly. This technology is worth exploring if you plan to create an online image or video editor, a web game, a P2P platform, a music application, an interactive learning and teaching application, a 3D mapping application, etc.

3|Content Customization through machine learning

Artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, influences our daily online activities without us realizing it. It is the primary purpose of ML – to provide enhanced experiences naturally.

Machine learning is the capability of software to improve its performance without direct intervention by developers. The software analyses incoming data, detects patterns, makes decisions, and improves its work.

Airbnb, for example, has used machine learning to personalize search results for hosts to increase the likelihood of the host accepting their request. A machine learning algorithm analyses each host’s application acceptance decisions. Based on this, search results for ads that are more likely to be accepted are ranked higher. A/B tests showed a 3.75% improvement in progress. As a result, all Airbnb users are instantly performed according to this algorithm, improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Netflix’s engineers went even further. To operate a predictive content personalization approach, they use more excellent ML-based algorithms to meet users’ needs better. Unlike targeting a whole segment of users, each user identifies in a particular way. The algorithms produce content and search outcomes based on user intent rather than previous queries.

Great examples, but there is so abundant more! Enabling natural language and image identification can improve user participation. Machine perception empowers the network to interpret data and make informed decisions. Machine learning use in web applications in various sectors, such as health, finance, education, agriculture, etc. This technology offers notable enhancements that would be trying to achieve without AI.

How can your web application benefit from content personalization?

Machine learning is converting a necessary part of any web service. It is essential to integrate it into your services as well! Analyze the behavior of your website visitors and adjust the content presented to them. Your visitors will never know you are using an algorithm, but their satisfaction will translate into increased engagement and conversion!

Data protection in web development

Machine learning can be your concealed weapon to outperform your competitors!

4| Data security

The more data a web application deals with, the more attractive it looks to cybercriminals. They aim to ruin your services and steal your users’ data or your company’s internal information. It can cause notable damage to your reputation and cost you dearly.

The security of your web services must become a top priority. So, to ensure user data security in 2021, follow these four tips:

| Never neglect security testing

Security testing can be done during the development phase and can prevent data leakage. Should explicitly test every change to your web application.

| Use website monitoring tools

An algorithm can continuously monitor all requests and detect and qualify suspicious activities. Timely notification allows your team to react instantly and protect the web application.

| Choose third-party services carefully.

SaaS software is becoming increasingly popular because it makes application development easier and faster. However, it would be best to make sure that the service provider you choose to work with is trustworthy.

| Encrypt sensitive data

Even if the offender accesses your database, they will not take advantage of the sensitive data stored there.

In enhancing these tips, we have prepared some of the latest web 2021 trends to ensure your application and data security. Here, should highlight  crucial components:

| AI for cybersecurity

Machines are becoming more and more intelligent. Although this phenomenon has both concrete and opposing sides, we will pay attention to the benefits it brings in our report.

In 2021, we anticipate AI technologies to convert even more helpful in terms of data security. We already have the opportunity to watch after the most recent improvements: AI-powered biometric identifiers that scan fingerprints or retinas are not just science fiction.

| Conclusion

It can be challenging to keep up with trends because they change so quickly. But why not try?

By following the latest trends in web development, you can offer your users a world-class experience, improve the ranking of your web applications and open up new markets for your services!

In the coming years, voice search will gain ground and force service providers to adapt to the new reality. If you do it right, you can be among the first companies to reach your customers through voice search. Sounds good.

The security of user data has long been questioned. It cannot be ignored if you want to be the market leader.

By offering users of your web applications various experiences, you increase your chances of becoming their first choice! At the same time, if you respond better to their requests with ML algorithms, you will get even more attention for your application.

Overall, the 2021 web trends deserve your consideration. Some will remain for the next decade, while others will become the norm in a few months. So don’t delay to start completing them as soon as possible. If you are looking for a web developer there are many web development companies that can help in providing customized web development applications for your buisness.


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