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We embroider on a ribbon

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I think everyone knows that you can hang any additional accessories on the embroidery digitizing services machine. I’m not talking about the standard options known to everyone, such as baseball frames, accessories for sewing on a cord, sequins and other delights. I mean more highly specialized devices. For example, for embroidery on socks or on ribbons with belts.

I myself have seen such devices more than once at exhibition stands. And only now it dawns on me that, in general, such specific devices are needed only if you specialize in embroidery on such items – you have a flow. And in all other cases, you can always do with some simple techniques that will easily allow you to embroider a small batch of specific products without investing money in purchasing an expensive additional device, which may be needed only a few times a year.

Today I will disassemble the absolutely unclassified method of embroidery on a ribbon or strap, described in the public domain on the Internet almost 10 years ago by Jimmy Lamb.

Everything, as always, is elementary. I just tweaked Jimmy’s method a bit for my own convenience. The bottom line is this:

  • Hoop the stabilizer into the hoop.
  • We measure the width of the embroidered product.
  • We digitize in the editor two parallel lines with a simple line, the distance between which is set equal to the width of the product:
  • Place vertical serifs in the middle of the lines opposite each other. These serifs will allow the product to be positioned correctly on the stabilizer – this will be the center mark of the design.
  • We put a command after these lines to stop the car. How to do this will depend on the type of vehicle.
  • Next, we digitize the desired design. For example, the inscription:
  • It’s time to embroider. Embroider directly on the line stabilizer.
  • Next, we glue it onto a temporary fixation spray, double-sided tape or something else to be embroidered, aligning the marked center of the embroidery along the serifs on the lines.
  • We turn on the machine and embroider.

In general, embroidery options are possible not only on a regular stabilizer, but also more expensive options – using filmoplast glue paper, on which I showed how to embroider the corners of handkerchiefs. Or in general, you can apply the extreme well-known method of embroidery “on a hole” in the stabilizer, which I also somehow already voiced.


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