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We choose the staircase – according to the type, slope and material

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Safety, spaciousness, nice design and the longest possible service life. These are just some of the requirements for a new staircase. Choosing them will help us choose the right type, which will take care of the practical and aesthetic side.

staircase production is advancing

Stair manufacturers are responding to the growing demands of homeowners with various innovations. Unusual shapes and less used materials come into play. Customers will also enjoy several levels of inclination when choosing. The wide range of individual models in many designs will allow you to find the right staircase that fits into your house like a glove.

The most popular types of staircase

Spindle – This type of staircase belongs to the group of spiral, but unlike the circular ones, respectively. arched uses a spindle, i.e. a supporting support column. It is especially typical for the unevenness of the individual steps, which gradually narrow towards the central spindle.

Spiral – Another of the spiral types that is popular for a nice look. Such a staircase rotates about its axis, and can be connected to a spindle, or designed only as a classic spiral staircase without a central supporting column.

Suspended – A staircase suspended from the ceiling is used in confined spaces where conditions are not suitable for other types of stairs. However, it is only suitable for buildings with a solid and durable ceiling.

Mlynarczyk – The type known earlier from cottages or residential log cabins is characterized mainly by a warm wooden appearance. It can be used in interiors in various variants, often with alternating layouts of individual stairs.

Staircase with shaped columns – Any type can be decorated with elegant shaped columns. Columns decorated in this way, but stand out the most with wooden spiral staircases.

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Purchase staircase by material

Material is also crucial in the selection. It depends not only on the slope of the staircase, but also on how much it costs or how difficult it is to maintain it.

  • Wooden – The most elegant stairs, which need increased care. Noise when walking can be a problem.
  • Concrete – Solid, even indestructible, but not very suitable for interiors. Not only because of their raw appearance, but also because of their demanding and expensive implementation.
  • Glass – Slightly less difficult to implement, but at the same time less resistant to damage. The strengths do not include price, but aesthetically they beat all other materials, perhaps with the exception of wood.
  • Combined – Combining 2-3 materials into one staircase is in vogue today. This applies specially to models with metal structures combined with wooden or glass steps.

Taking into account the type of staircase and its inclination, in conjunction with the emphasis on material, is the best guarantee that the new staircase will fulfill its function. Not only will it connect the floors, it will also affect the shape of the interior and its layout. At the same time, it will take care of stylish design and safe mobility around the house.


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