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Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

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The rivalry between the two giant mobile operating systems, Android and IOS, is not new. Since the start of the last decade, the battle has become so intense that it split the public into two halves. While various elite modern smartphone manufacturers incorporate Android in their devices, IOS remains confined to Apple products. Now and then, users face the dilemma of choosing between the two technologies and switching from one operating system to the other.

However, the most significant problem users face when switching from Android to IOS-backed devices is data transfer. And, perhaps the most significant question they ask is how do I transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone? In truth, their concerns are genuine, given the compatibility issues between the two operating systems. IOS devices do not support Android applications and vice versa. Hence, when users plan to switch from, let’s say, a Samsung mobile to an iPhone, Whatsapp android to iPhone transition becomes a challenge.

To solve the aforementioned issue, this article proposes a few ways on how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. In each way, we shall enlighten you through a step-by-step procedure with screenshot illustrations. Additionally, we shall also recommend the ideal way to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

But first, let us clarify a few misconceptions.

Can I transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google drive?

Technically there isn’t a way you can transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. The reason is that while android data is stored in Google Drive, IOS data is stored on iCloud. Obviously, the two are incompatible, and the data cannot be transferred. However, you may do so using MobileTrans (discussed later).

Can I transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone free of charge?

Well, it depends upon what free means to you. You can do so via email (way-1). Nut if you are referring to a free tool, note that no tool is entirely free.

Can I do a WhatsApp backup from android to iPhone?

No, the same restrictions as in question one apply.

Way-1 Transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone through email

The first method allows you to transfer your chat history without downloading any extra tools or software. Unfortunately, you can’t do that for all your chats at once and need to do it individually for every contact.

Here are the steps on how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via email:

  1.  Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  2. Open the specific conversation that you wish to transfer.
  3. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select ‘more’.
  4. Press ‘Export Chat’.
  5. Choose to export via email.
  6. In the email, the chat will show up as an attachment. Just enter your email and send it.
  7. Now you can open your email from your iPhone and access the chat from there.

But you will not be able to sync the chat history into your WhatsApp on iPhone. Hence, the idea is not much appealing.

Way-2 Wait for WhatsApp official migration feature

Imagine how wonderful it would be to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone through an official feature. Yes, the numerous requests for such a feature have not gone unnoticed. In fact, the WhatsApp team is working tirelessly to incorporate such a feature into their app. But the process is time-consuming at the end of the day. WhatsApp wants to be sure that users’ privacy and security are not compromised under any circumstances. Hence, there is a lot to be done regarding the feature.

Unfortunately, not many of us are patient enough to wait for an official WhatsApp feature.

Way-3 Use MobileTrans to switch WhatsApp Android to IOS.

This method uses the tool MobileTrans. Here is how:

  1. Launch the software on your PC and click on ‘WhatsApp Transfer’.
  2. Click on the transfer WhatsApp messages feature.
  3. Connect both your phones to the PC and click the ‘start’ button.
  4. Disconnect the phones after the transfer is completed as shown in the following screenshot.

The 3rd way is our top recommendation. Besides, MobileTrans allows you to transfer WhatsApp between devices effortlessly and offers a variety of other features as well. You can use it to:

  • Back and restore WhatsApp data to a computer.
  • Restore the data on any device.
  • Backup LINE, Viber, and WeChat data.

Evidently, there are a lot of misconceptions on the topic at hand. Type ‘how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone in google, and the results will overwhelm you. There are so many suggested ways, but only a few work, as you may have noticed. While some techniques may cost you a fortune, others take forever to complete.

In worst cases, the techniques are so vague that they ultimately result in losing the whole data. However, after thorough research and scrutinization, those mentioned above are the best ways we have found thus far. And the best amongst the best, in our opinion, is using MobileTrans.

Summing up, transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is a hectic business due to technological barriers. However, it does not mean there aren’t any solutions to the problem. The ways mentioned earlier are proven to be the most effective. And amongst our suggestions, we would recommend that you opt for MobileTrans owing to its exceptional features and perks.


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