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Ways To Promote Your Website

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What is the difference between marketing your website and brick-and-mortar stores? This is a question that new internet marketers often ask. The truth is that the principles and methods are different. Let’s see how. Promoting a store is primarily about creating awareness of its existence. You want them to know what you offer and how it will benefit their lives.
Next, you will want to demonstrate how yours is superior to others on the market. All this is necessary to reach your ultimate goal of having them visit your store or website. Selling is another topic. If you have deep pockets, advertising in the New York Times, NBC, or MSN for brick-and-mortar stores or MSN or Yahoo sites can be a great way to start. Remember that your AOL viewers won’t see your ads there, just like your CBS watchers won’t see your ads on NBC SEO Company In Dubai. This is a problem that most start-ups will be OK with because they need the budget to pay for this type of advertising.
So what method do you use to advertise and drive traffic cost-effectively to your site?
-> Tell your friends and family about your site. The average person has about 250 people they would invite to their wedding. Let them know what you’re doing.
-> Sign up for a leads service referring leads to your site. This will be a nominal expense for the leads if you use exemplary service.
-> Post your helpful opinions on forum websites. This will add credibility to you as an expert and refer people back to your site.
-> Place Solo Ads in targeted ezines. Ezines are electronic newsletters that are directed to select groups. This is a very effective method.
-> Google Adwords is another way to reach your potential clients. Google AdWords allows you to promote your website anytime someone searches for your selected words or phrases.
-> Another effective method is to make promotional handouts that can be passed out to those you meet. Of course, this must direct people to your website.
-> Place newspaper classifieds. You can put together a very cost-effective campaign using weekly papers that are less costly and can reach your target market.
-> Write and publish articles like this that show your expertise and direct clients to your website.
-> Start your blog. Your blog allows you to add more pages of content that refer potential clients back and forth from your website to the blog and vice versa.
-> Write, have written for you, or find an eBook you can brand. The eBook should refer to and link to your website throughout the book. This shows you to be an authority and where they can learn more. Advertise your FREE eBook and give it away.
There you have ten ways to promote your website. It’s like advertising a garage sale with yard signs all over town. It’s like putting signs all down the interstate that direct people to which exit they need to visit you. The internet is continually growing. The potential is endless. Get your share.


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