Ways to Learn English by Living Your Own Way

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English is the third most spoken language in the world. It is the most common language worldwide, so used for several purposes like trade, communication, legal, teaching, and several other ways. It is not only locally but also an internationally recognized language. English is taught in more than 118 countries hence increasing its value.

English was recognized not only for work but also for socialization and entertainment purposes. With the increase in the need for English speaking, spoken English courses are also in high demand. Learning English online is getting a common and user-friendly option. The online platforms provide various courses according to the needs of the people and across multiple price ranges.

Here are some tips that would help you in improving your English using simple steps.

Join Profession-Spoken English Courses

It might be offline, if possible, for you or online. According to your choices, there are several options available in the market, like group coaching or one-one coaching program.

Read Blogs and Books

The good blogs have good quality content that would help you improve your spoken English and build your vocabulary.


The most common and free source to learn English online. This platform has a variety of options and is self-paced.

Listen to News, Podcasts, and Radio.

These are excellent sources to learn English. The learning would be more informative and entertaining rather than burned through these sources. You can even learn spoken English from English movies and web series while getting entertained.


While you are in the meeting or travelling on a train or an Aeroplane, keep your ears open. Listen to the words and absorb the accent vocabulary and even the etiquettes to speak English. The instruction given while travelling on an airplane is also a piece of professional English.

Social Media

The platforms you use so frequently are majorly in the English language. The caption or a blog post written is also an excellent example if written well. You can follow an English instructor or any professional you like and read the content they share. An English instructor would be sharing his experiences and tips to the beginner or the learner that would be a plus to you as a learner.

 Take up the Challenges.

One of the best ways to learn English is to take up the charge and challenges to face fears. You have to take up the initiative to start speaking up in a professional English language and make it your habit. Start speaking English not only in your workplace but also at your home and with your friends too. This would take you to get used to the language. Public speaking would be the next step after speaking in front of friends and family. This would boost your confidence.

There are some other online courses available over the internet by udemy, Saylor academy, Awal English, alison.com, Coursera, edxand several other courses by national and international universities that keeps popping up with time. A few applications would help you improve spoken English, like Duolingo, cake, and hellotalk, which helps to learn English through exciting techniques.

English has grown as an indispensable language for survival. A person in a corporate job might find his survival difficult without speaking English. One has to be fluent in spoken English to get a job, promotion, or to crack a deal.

You must have understood the easy ways to learn spoken English either by self or through spoken English courses.

Good Luck!!!

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