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Ways to Improve Your Patients Experiences & Outcomes

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There are many ways to improve the care your healthcare facility provides to patients and, in doing so, you can also improve their experiences with your facility. Even simple changes can produce better outcomes for individual patients, while also helping to improve the overall quality of the experience for everyone. Here are a few things you can do to better improve your patients experiences and serve your patients.

Improve Caregiver Ratios and Accountability

In improving patient outcomes, you’ll be improving the overall experience each patient has within your healthcare facility. Remember, it is important to create better nurse-patient ratios in order to have more consistent success at your medical office. When you have achieved this, one of the best ways of doing this is in creating a system for greater accountability among your staff. This is often seen as a critical process in which employees are encouraged to report colleagues for wrongdoing, but your healthcare facility can take a more positive approach. While errors and lapses in judgment should be identified and corrected, just as much effort should be put into recognizing outstanding performers. When you encourage exceptional patient care, more caregivers on your staff will seek to reach that higher bar.

Prioritize Patient Flow

Many patients have bad experiences within the healthcare system due to the long wait times they experience. Managers and their teams should make an effort to find ways to minimize wait times. When a patient is forced to wait, they’re likely experiencing pain or discomfort, and that makes waiting an especially excruciating experience. Employees who suggest actionable strategies for reducing wait times should be recognized for their contributions as should those who make an extra effort to shorten the wait times for specific patients. Streamlining patient flow will also help alleviate the pressure of caregivers by implementing more efficient ways of getting patients in to see them.

Don’t Discount Support Services

When we think about the patient experience and the outcomes of their visits to a healthcare facility, the care provided by doctors, nurses, and orderlies is what most often comes to mind. However, support staff, such as those in the maintenance and housekeeping departments, also have a direct effect on patient care. These services cannot be overlooked in determining ways to improve the patient experience. Broken doors, missing lights, or an improperly sanitized bathroom can all affect the patient experience. Some of these failures can even affect patient outcomes in adverse ways when the patient is exposed to bacteria and viruses as a result. When looking for ways to update policies with the goal of improving patient care, steps should be taken to ensure support service needs are addressed.

Keep Alert to New Technology to Improve Patients Experiences

Every business is reluctant to try new technologies as they first emerge, but doing so can improve the productivity of the businesses willing to try new innovations. This is especially true in hospitals and clinics where new technology can provide greater patient comfort, more accurate diagnoses, and improved treatments. In particular, improved diagnostic tools, such as open MRI machines and ENT headlights have helped doctors provide faster and more accurate diagnoses for their patients. Additionally, technological services, including smart technology, virtual reality, and biofeedback monitoring devices, have helped patients get help far from healthcare facilities. When technology can eliminate the need for an individual to physically visit a hospital, their patient experience is significantly improved.

Use Data Analytics to Identify Weaknesses

Currently, data analytics is primarily used to help businesses identify their key demographics and market their products specifically to those groups. It’s predicted that the use of data will change in the coming year as the tech industry looks at more ways to utilize data. Healthcare facilities can already take advantage of this trend by looking at their own data. You can look at compiled data to identify trends in patient care. This can help you identify where patients tend to get bottlenecked or what areas of care are in the greatest demand. By identifying these issues, you’ll know which areas of care need the greatest attention. You can substantially improve the overall patient experience by resolving your facility’s biggest obstacles to patient satisfaction and improved patients experiences.

Conclusion to Improving Patients Experiences

Improving the experiences and outcomes for your patients should be an ongoing concern even when it seems as though you have done everything possible. As new technological advances are introduced and new studies affect the way medical conditions are treated, policies should evolve to reflect those improvements. Utilizing technological and medical improvements will help you give your patients greater longevity and more improved quality in their lives.


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