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Water Damaged Carpets- Some Professional Suggestions to Restore Them

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One of the first things you should do if your house has been flooded or has suffered water damage is to try to save and repair your water damaged carpets as soon as possible. If there is a lot of water, it may have an impact on your carpets and how long it lasts in your home. Because of the cost, many people prefer to restore old carpets rather than purchase new ones. This is a feasible option if you act quickly and honestly, and it is not nearly as difficult as it may appear when an emergency arises.

One of our clients’ basements experienced some flooding, which unfortunately resulted in carpet damage. When they sought expert help, the water damaged carpet cleaning company indicated that it was better to simply replace the carpet rather than attempt to smooth and dry it. My customer, who was no longer prepared for this enormous and unexpected fee, sought a second opinion and came to our office to resolve their flooded carpet issue.

Assess the Damage

We decided to physically inspect their water damaged carpet by travelling to their residence and providing them with a full report in order to obtain a better concept of the carpet restore and replacement problem. We also chose to publish the same report as an article to enable readers have a better understanding of it. So here we are, hoping that this information will aid you to gain a better understanding of when it is best to restore your carpet and when it is best to replace it.

Is It Necessary To Replace The Water Damage Carpet?

In many cases, replacing a water damaged carpet is preferable to attempting to clean and dry it. And in scenarios where the amount of water affected area or extent is modest and one has been able to act quickly enough, say within 48 hours, it is possible to clean and shop carpet and the desire to update it is no longer valid. Also, if the flooded carpet is relatively fresh, say, less than ten years old, and if it is composed of synthetic fabric, which cannot serve as a food source for mould, it can also live, because such carpets do not produce a good breeding ground for mould and other microorganisms that might cause health risks.

However, if you notice that, despite the fact that your carpet is made of synthetic material, mould has developed on it, it is almost certainly due to the natural dust that has accumulated in it. Even if your carpet has already become fuzzy, you can retain it if you use deep extraction cleaning. I’m aware of a few instances in offices and other buildings whereby identical carpeting issues were successfully managed, and the carpet was thus saved for a few more years.

Let the Professionals Handle the Mess

When a water damaged carpet is cleaned clean, make sure the professional flooded carpet cleaners you hired use a biocide as a final cleaning method. In this circumstance, the airborne spore counts are quite low since these generally work fully and put up-cleaning airborne spore counts are very low. It eliminates the potential for mould growth and human exposure. Please be aware, however, that some biocides may pose their own risks to public health. And in most situations, it’s difficult to tell whether or not a specific biocide would endanger the health of the people who use the carpet

So those were our realistic advice, and we hope the facts will help you respond faster and make an informed decision anytime (God forbid) you find yourself in a flooded carpet situation.


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