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Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course

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Welcome to the exciting world of Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course: A Novel! In this book, you’ll follow the daring adventures of your favourite characters as they explore the dark dungeons of Warrior High School. Will they make it out alive? You’ll have to read and find out!

What is a Dungeon Raid Course?

Dungeon raids are a popular tabletop game that can be found in many different genres. Warrior High School has created their game version, which is now open to the public! The Dungeon Raid Course is an intense and challenging experience that will test your skills as a warrior.

The Dungeon Raid Course is a 3-hour experience in the school’s gymnasium. You must be prepared to fight against challenging monsters and puzzles. There are several different paths you can take through the course, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your style of play.

This is an awesome opportunity for warriors of all levels to come out and try something new. The Dungeon Raid Course offers something for everyone, so don’t miss out on this chance to become a master warrior!

The Setting for the Dungeon Raid Course

The Dungeon Raid Course is a novel-length Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 5th-8th level characters. The course is set at Warrior High School, an elite boarding school for warriors in the fictional world of Terrinoth.

The course begins with the students arriving at Warrior High School for their first day of classes. They are quickly introduced to the school’s staff and students and begin to explore the campus. Soon they find themselves embroiled in a mystery that threatens not only their school but the entire kingdom of Terrinoth.

To solve the mystery, the students must use their skills as warriors and adventurers to explore the school’s dungeons, traps, and secret passages. They will need their cunning and strength to survive against deadly monsters, treacherous allies, and impossible challenges.

Plot Overview of the Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course

The Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course is a novel-length, high-school dungeon raid adventure for the AD&D 4th Edition game. The course consists of five modules and can be played by four players.

The course is set in the fictional world of Warrior High School, located in the town of Greenview in the frontier world of Darokin. Like many schools in Darokin, Warrior High School is home to a group of adventurers who use their skills to fight evil and protect the innocent.

The first module, “The Lost Tomb of Horrors”, takes players into the depths of Warrior High School to explore an ancient tomb haunted by undead monsters. The second module, “The Crypt of Dreams”, takes players into the school’s dark catacombs to find a secret treasure. The third module, “The Temple of Elemental Evil”, pits players against powerful demons in the school’s furnace room. The fourth module, “Warrior High School vs. The Goblin King”, sees students pitted against goblins living in the school’s tunnels beneath the football field. The fifth and final module, “The Tower of Terror”, takes players deeper into the school’s dungeons to face an evil wizard and his hordes of goblins.


Characters in the Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course

The novel’s diverse cast of characters is one of its most appealing features. Students, faculty and staff are all represented, as are gods and monsters from Greek and Roman mythology. Some memorable personalities include the mischievous fairy godmother Epona, rage-filled Ares, and legendary hero Jason.

Additional characters include:
A group of dwarves led by King Orik.
A half-man, half-bull Minotaur named Maximus.
A band of goblins led by their captain, Snorg.
These characters interact with each other throughout the novel, providing an entertaining and unpredictable mix.

How Does the Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course Compare to Other Novels?

How does the Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course compare to other novels?

The Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course is a novel by T.A. Barron. The novel is set in a school that is also a dungeon and follows the students as they try to escape from the school. The novel is different from others because it is set in a school, and the characters are all students.


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