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VPN Service that offers users the ability to encrypt their connection

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VPN is a service that offers users the ability to encrypt their connection, browse the Internet anonymously and unblock all their favorite geo-censored sites online. There are currently several names of VPN service providers on the market, some offer free offers and some do not. According to our experts, paid VPNs remain the best because not only are they very reliable but in addition, they are accessible at prices adapted to the budgets of Internet users. In this vpn test, we are going to talk to you about vpn: The Vpn. It is a French vpn service provider that offers paid vpn offers. It currently owns many vpn servers around the world and it provides its customers with security options that attract many customers.

What is it really worth?

Offers and prices

The vpn offers its customers 3 packages including the annual package, the semi-annual package, the quarterly package and the monthly package. A promo is also currently available.

  • The annual vpn package: this is the most subscribed offer currently because it is the most advantageous. Indeed with this package, a 60% discount is offered to the customer. Its price is $ 59.40 per year, so $ 4.95 / month. Immediate activation, two simultaneous connections, access to all Le Vpn servers and support for the most stable vpn protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.
  • The semi-annual vpn package: this package is available from $ 35.70 per semester, i.e. $ 7.50 / month. For this offer: immediate activation too, 2 simultaneous connections, access to all servers, support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.
  • The monthly vpn plan has a price of $ 9.95 per month. Its activation is immediate and it supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. Simultaneous connections: 2 and access to all servers as well.


Sites that can be unblocked by the Vpn

There are many geo-censored websites that can be unblocked by Le Vpn. By connecting for example to a VPN server located in France, foreign Internet users will be able to access French online TV channels such as TF1, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, etc. With the American vpn server, all American online content such as Hulu, CNN, CBS, MBC… etc. become accessible even if you are outside the United States. For those who are currently in China and would like to have access to Facebook, Youtube or others, just use an American or European IP by connecting to an American or French server. Below is the list of Le Vpn vpn servers and their speed.

Servers and speed

The vpn has many servers in around 114 countries around the world. They are found for example in North America, Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Panama), in Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Ireland , Iceland, etc.), Africa and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, Turkey), Asia (Japan, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.), Australia and in New Zealand. Regarding their speeds, they are very fast because they are very modern. The infrastructures used by the company meet current technological standards, hence their performance and stability.

VPN protocols and compatibility

A few months ago, Le Vpn was only compatible with the PPTP and Open vpn vpn protocols, but today, Internet users can also use L2TP technology to set up a Le VPN L2TP vpn configuration. The encryption rate offered by this protocol is 256 bits and it must always be used with IPsec otherwise there will be no possible encryption. PPTP offers it an encryption rate of 128 bits, which is why it is very fast and Open vpn: 256 bits. It is the recommended vpn protocol because it is the most stable and the most secure.

The operating systems supported by the VPN software are: Windows (All versions ranging from Windows 2000 up to Windows 8), Mac OS-X, Android, Ios, Linux (all distributions of Linux such as Redhat Linux, Ubuntu… etc.).

Manual configuration of the VPN “Le Vpn” on Android mobile devices

The manual configuration of vpn “Le Vpn” on Android mobile devices is very easy to set up. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the settings of your device, then Wifi and network then add a new vpn
  • Use PPTP for setting up the virtual private network
  • Give your profile a name and also a description if necessary
  • In the field for the vpn server, use the “pptpUK.le-vpn.com” or the “pptpFR.le-vpn.com” (recommended vpn servers)
  • Set the encryption to ON and save.
  • For connection, use the username and password provided by Le Vpn

Manual configuration of the VPN “Le Vpn” on Apple mobile devices

For the Ios operating system, proceed as follows to manually set up the vpn configuration:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad, then General, VPN then Add a new VPN configuration
  • Then, choose the “PPTP” tab and give a description to your new vpn profile
  • Choose one of the following vpn servers: pptpUK.le-vpn.com (server located in UK) or pptpFR.le-vpn.com (French vpn server). These are the servers recommended by Le VPN for mobile devices.
  • Enter your login and password
  • Then set RSA SecurID to OFF and Encryption level to Automatic
  • Activate the “Send all” option and save your profile
  • All that remains is to activate the connection each time you want to encrypt your connection or change your IP address.

Payment methods

The payment methods accepted by Levpn are:

  • Paypal: this is the best known and most widely used payment method today. Very reliable and very secure, it will allow the customer to pay their Levpn bill instantly. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, go directly to the company’s official website to complete a registration which usually only takes you 2 minutes.
  • Visa – Mastercard and American Express bank cards are also supported by Levpn. To get one of these cards, contact your bank or register online. When making an online transaction by credit card, make sure you are on a secure page. To check this, check to see if the site address is in https mode and that the small padlock that precedes it is properly closed.
  • Bitcoin: an anonymous payment method. It is not necessary to enter your personal information with Bitcoin.

Customer support and additional options

A contact page is made available to Internet users so that they can contact a technician or a sales representative. Depending on the number of messages processed, the response time can vary from ten minutes to a few hours. Nevertheless, the service remains responsive. Regarding the additional options offered by Le Vpn, they are very numerous. There is for example the Smart DNS service to unblock television, dedicated applications for mobiles or even P2P support.


VPN is a serious VPN service provider. Its offers are complete and they meet the real needs of Internet users looking for a quality service to browse the Internet freely and safely. Its compatibility with current OS is also one of its main strengths.

The site is well documented, both for operating explanations and for installation assistance, for all types of equipment. Clear and comprehensive, Le VPN is a reliable service.



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