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Why Investing in Video Marketing the Best Option for You

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Are you working in the online space? 

Times have changed. Gone are the days when traditional marketing practices of publishing an ad online or sending out brochures to different locations would land you a sale. Now, marketing is all about bringing the best customers in. And the only way you (as a marketer) can achieve that is by sending out the correct message behind your brand into the public. Many marketers are working tirelessly to give a number of brands the voice they deserve. But sadly, only a few are capable of creating that powerful impact. 

Are you a business owner planning to invest your marketing budget in hiring a video marketing company? Are you feeling skeptical why you should be opting-in for getting a video marketing solution? 

Here’s an article to help you clear your skepticism. 

Videos Increase Your ROI & Conversions 

One of the reasons why you should consider investing in video marketing is because of its high profit returns. Video marketing can extend your reach on social media and can bring a great deal of customers from the platform. Do you know that the average person spends at least 1.5 hours of his daily routine watching videos on social media and other platforms? If your ads are running on any of the online content which your target market is consuming, there’s a chance of 1 in every 100 individuals to consider purchasing stuff from your brand. No matter how small you start, you don’t want to miss out on 82% of the global audience. That’s the amount of individuals who are watching videos on the Internet. 

Videos Have Become Highly Accessible

Videos are becoming more and more accessible with the passage of time. Back in the days, there was only YouTube. Whether you were a publisher or a watcher, YouTube would be your go-to platform to watch video content. Fast forward to today, almost every social media platform is now offering video watching options. Although the content on these platforms are not as well organized as it is on YouTube, it still does a marvelous job in providing a significant amount of content for the audience to consume. In short, videos have become more consumable in comparison to other media types in the market. 

Videos Offer Increased Engagement 

Videos are utilizing audio-visual queues to grasp the attention of the target audience. The Content Marketing Institute published a research where they found out that video content gets 10x more shares, more comments, more likes, and more attention from the viewers. Whether you’ve published a video on a social media platform or embedded it within your blog post, video still takes the lion’s share when it comes to content consumption. More than 72% of the general audience stated they prefer watching videos on brands and products before deciding whether they wish to purchase the product/service or not. The following stats were presented by WyzOwl. 

Videos Can Quickly Gain SEO Rankings 

As Cisco confirms, more than 80% of the global traffic belongs to videos alone. It indicates that a larger chunk of the Internet audience searching up queries prefer to watch video rather than visit an official blog or go through a published content. Just like a well optimized blog or landing page has a better chance of showing up at the top searches in Google, so do videos published on YouTube. They have now become an integral part of the SEO rankings. Besides, Google now prefers website landing pages with a video more than a landing page that does not feature one. They have gained traction & its popularity grows more with the passage of time. 

Videos Create Brand Awareness 

Another incredible benefit of a video is that it helps organizations to create brand awareness. Are you launching a new brand or have you recently shifted your marketing strategy to a more broader scope or vision? You can showcase your brand’s value more genuinely through a published video rather than running a banner ad on Facebook or publishing a blog post on the latest developments. Without a doubt, video holds incredible power and it’s not just to attract visitors or convince them to purchase. Now, you can shine out brand among audience’s by creating the perfect brand awareness, all thanks to video marketing. 

Concluding Thoughts

In a world where the attention span of the audience has become as small as that of a goldfish, winning your audience can become a daunting task. However, with effective video marketing, brands are now capable of putting their businesses in front of their target markets in a much more effective manner. Are you one such brand struggling with giving your brand an exposure it deserves in the online world? 

Build an effective product animation video for your brand and get your brand’s voice the power it needs. 


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