Vastu Tips For Peace In Your Homes

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You might not know this, but Vastu Shastra has the power to bring peace into your home, and ultimately your life. Our home is our safe place, where we achieve bliss and happiness.

Wondering how Vastu can help? Let’s find out.

Why Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is not just a belief system, but it is an ancient science of architecture that involves mathematical and scientific principles to construct a house. Vastu Shastra has the power to invite happiness and peace into your lives by balancing the five main elements of nature. By balancing the natural elements, you can invite energies into your living space that offer you maximum benefit and ensure that you can enjoy peace in your home.

To know which Vastu guidelines you need to follow, you must consult a Vastu expert. Nowadays, you can talk to experts of Vastu Shastra online on trusted platforms like Astroyogi.

Follow These Vastu Tips for Peace

  • Tip 1- A common Vastu Shastra tip given is that you should make sure that the entrance to your home is visually beautiful. The door should be made of solid wood, and you should also hang your nameplate at the entrance. If there is an empty wall on the entrance, place a photo or an idol of Lord Ganesha. This will ensure peace for the inhabitants of the house. Lord Ganesha’s photograph or idol will also bring positivity into your lives.

  • Tip 2- Steer clear from using broken glasses or mirrors in your home. Also, ensure that a mirror is not placed on the opposite side of the bed where you sleep, as this can give birth to problems in life.

  • Tip 3- Most Indian households have a Puja room as it is considered sacred to have one. Ensure your Puja room is in the North-Eastern corner of your home. This direction will ensure that all the negative energy gets eliminated from your home and achieve prosperity and positivity. It is also advised that the Puja room should be situated on the ground floor as this will bring stability.

  • Tip 4- The bedroom should be constructed in the South-West corner of your home. This direction is linked to stability, mental peace, and happiness in personal relationships. If your bedroom is in this direction, it will prevent disharmony in your relationship. Additionally, a bedroom in this direction will also invite prosperity and wealth.

  • Tip 5- The holy Basil or Tulsi is considered a sacred and auspicious plant. Planting it in your home can spread harmony and peace.

  • Tip 6- You shouldn’t hang or put the photographs of your ancestors who have passed away with the idols or photographs of the Gods in the Puja room. This can cause an imbalance in your home’s energy, which won’t be beneficial for you. If you want to hang photographs of your ancestors, then a wall in the South direction should be your pick.

These were a few of the Vastu tips that you can incorporate into your home. Following the Vastu guidelines will ensure that you attract harmony, prosperity, good health, and overall have a peaceful life in your home. To know what guidelines to follow, talk to an expert of Vastu online. A Vastu consultant online can give you all information related to Vastu. If you are facing any issues due to Vastu defect or dosha, a Vastu consultant online can offer you solutions as well.

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