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Vaping vs Smoking – Which is Best and Why

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The industry of vaping Australiahas to offer is increasing very quickly due to the clear research that has been done into the dangers of smoking. Research has shown that smoking causes a lot of damage to the body but this damage can luckily be undone by giving up tobacco smoking and takig up smoking an e cigarette instead.

  1. Health

Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, it can clog up your arteries and make you a lot more likely to cause a heart attack. Finding the best shop forvaping NZ can offer is essential if you want to give up smoking and take up a healthier alternative lifestyle. Smoking is also known to cause impotence within men and this can be a real problem. If a person switches up tobacco for smoking an e cigarette all of the negative effects can be reversed and your body can return to the same state as that of a non-smoker.

  • Ease

Smoking cigarettes can be very inconvenient and problematic with the rules ever increasing regarding smoking in public places. Establishments are more and more leaning towards bans on smokers both inside and outside the premises. Finding the best suppliers for vaping Australia or vaping NZ has to offer you can find a way to satisfy your cravings but also remain social.

Whilst smoking was once a social activity it is now more frowned upon as you have to go and stans outside in the cold or in designated smoking areas if you want a cigarette.

Vapes are quite often allowed in areas where smoking is not permitted due to the fact that they produce vapours as opposed to smoke and are therefore less damaging or strong smelling.

  • Save

People that smoke spend so much money on cigarettes, tobacco or papers, money which could be spent elsewhere. Smoking costs the average person over £1000 a year and that’s without considering any bills for health problems as a result of smoking. Vaping is a much cheaper alternative that can save you hundreds of pounds as well as help your health severely. Vaping does have a slightly higher upfront cost which is the purchasing of the pen itself however after this point the vape juice is a lot cheaper than any of the products involved in tobacco smoking.

  • Hygiene

It is very commonly known that people that smoke tobacco are considered to be far less hygienic than those that vape, this is due to the fact that smoking gives you bad breath and makes your teeth rot. The average smoker will have yellow stained teeth and their breath will constantly smell of stale smoke. With a vape, because it products vapours instead of smoke, you do not have these issues. The bad effects on oral hygiene that cigarette smoke has on it can easily be reversed by changing your behaviours and switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.


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