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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌choose‌ ‌a‌ ‌Vanity‌ ‌Sink‌ ‌Unit?

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A vanity sink unit is a part of bathroom furniture that combines a sink with storage. The need for bathroom storage comes from a need to make it clutter-free. We do many things in the bathroom that include bathing, cleaning toothbrush, shaving, and makeup, etc. That results in a lot of items in one place. Regardless, we use these bathroom items every day or not. Keeping these items in a suitable place can help us. For example, if we have a bathroom storage space to keep such things, we can find them easily. Second, our bathroom will look cleaner and organized. A vanity unit solves this problem by providing us with storage space to keep our items. A vanity sink unit adds even more functionality to a vanity unit by combining an on top sink over it. It not only saves you space in the bathroom that otherwise would have been occupied by a separate sink, but looks great at the same time. 

Here we have discussed the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while considering vanities for your bathroom. 

  • Availability of Space for Vanity Sink Unit!

You must be clear about the availability of space in your bathroom. That becomes even more important when you have limited space in the bathroom. You must ensure there is no problem in opening drawers of the vanity units. So, you can use the vanity sink unit easily. Besides that, have enough room for standing in front of it, or even on both sides, so you use on the top basin with no problem. 

  • Suitable Location for Vanity Sink Unit!

So, you now know how much space you have available for the Vanity Sink Unit in the bathroom; the next thing you should consider the location or position where you want to fix your bathroom sink unit. That is important because you will need to understand plumbing to connect the basin. In case you are just replacing an old basin with a vanity sink unit, it may be easier for you to fix the new one because of the existing plumbing. However, you must check if your new vanity unit will fit into that existing space. A new bathroom or a completely new installation may require you to install new pipes for connecting the vanity unit that will add to the cost.

  • Understand the Material! 

It is essential to consider the vanity unit’s material because the bathroom’s humid and moist environment can easily create problems. The over top sinks are made with ceramics, or stone, while we usually make the vanity unit with specially designed wood like MDF or MFC wood. The good thing about this material is that it is moist-resistant, making it more durable than wood. 

  • Choosing Sink Unit Type!

You now know the space in your bathroom and the exact place for the installation of your sink vanity unit. The next most important thing is to choose the vanity unit type. This may also include selecting the colour and size of the vanity unit. You may be interested in a specific colour because you want to create a coordinated look. If you want a contemporary look in your bathroom, then a consistent look is critical. Rather than choosing a sink unit alone, You may consider a glass vessel sink basin on the bathroom vanity.This vessel can bring that  “wow” factor. A perfect place for a powder room, or an eye-catching touch for a master bath: This sink can do it all. 

Vanity Sink Unit at Royal Bathrooms UK! 

The vanity sink unit is a highly functional bathroom furniture item that combines sink and storage to provide a better space-saving option. Not only do these vanity units offer storage, but they also improve the overall look. We have Vanity Sink Units available in different sizes and colours, so you can choose the one that is right for you. 


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