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UV-C Air Disinfection D-50 Killer of Covid-19 Virus and Bacteria

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As we approach a post-pandemic world and consider all of the rapid changes that have occurred in the last year, it is clear that the ecommerce landscape has shifted. For example, by April 2020, the industry had grown by ten years in just three months. For growing brands, ecommerce is now more important than ever.

As a result of consumers staying at home due to COVID-19, online shopping increased in 2020. Many shoppers cut back on discretionary spending last year and prioritized necessities, which frequently fall into the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) category.

The DESAIR ultraviolet air disinfectors feature high-quality, low-pressure ozone-free bactericidal lamps with maximum UV emission peaks of 257.3 nm (UV-C spectrum). This wavelength of radiation corresponds exactly to the maximum efficiency peak. In other words, because the DNA and RNA molecules of microorganisms absorb ultraviolet light better, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce and die off. A lamp’s effective productivity time ranges from 9,000 to 18,000 hours.

The DESAIR Company’s latest development is the D-50 model, which is 53 percent more efficient than previous models thanks to the application of know-how. And it’s a lot less expensive! With 8 hours of operation per day on weekdays, the lamps will last approximately 9 years before needing to be replaced for the first time.

The D-50 model is intended for rooms or rooms measuring up to 300m3. Air disinfection has been shown to be 99.99 percent effective. Price is reasonable. On the wall installation. Warranty period of three years. The new model’s stylish design will complement any interior. The housing is made of anodized aluminum that looks like stainless steel. All mounting components are concealed behind decorative plastic grilles. The lamp operating hour’s counter lets you know when it’s time to replace them.

A reflector is installed inside the housing to improve UV-C reflection. To keep dust out, disinfection machines have a G4 carbon nano filter that is encased and sealed. A Wi-Fi control module can be added to disinfection machines. This nice product is available in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh can buy online Desair D-50 from www.kablewala.com.bd with online home delivery feature. As Bangladesh is facing this Covid-19 issue so much and there is a lot of people who are affected with this virus so people should take precaution of covid-19 by buying this awesome air purifier. This Desair D-50 is only available in Kablewala (www.kablewala.com.bd) with only price of Tk. 55,000


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