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Utilization of the Solenoid Valves in Electric Circuits

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The Solenoid valves are designed according to the unique requirements of the user. The proportional control solenoid valve is specifically designed to control remotely. These valves can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or even three-dimensional relative to their requirement.

 These solenoid valves are direct-acting, indirect-acting, or semi-indirect-acting valves. These valves can detect leakage in the whole piping system if placed at various places. These valves enable us to control the pressure and temperature of the boilers, piping system, and reaction chamber.

The proportional control solenoid valve has different features and utilizations in the electrical circuit. Here we are describing them one by one:

Quick Responsiveness:

The solenoid valves are prepared for quick responsiveness, as their response time is better than other electrical valves. You install them where frequent opening and closing of the circuit is required. The solenoid valves are computerized and controlled, and one of their prime examples is the electronic pressure regulator valve. 

These valves are remotely controlled and can switch(on/off) from remote places. You do not need to check the whole piping system; the electronically controlled pressure regulator indicates a specific change in the pressure in the piping system. The solenoid proportional flow control valve is used in many applications to control the flow rate of liquids.

The Detection of the Leakage:

If the proportional control solenoid valve is precisely fixed in the electrical circuit. Then you can detect the leakage in the whole piping system, but it needs installation at various places of the piping system. 

For example, installing them at the inlet and outlet of the piping system. Then a minor change in the pressure means there is specific leakage of the liquid or gases. The whole electrical circuit in the piping system is specifically designed to check the leakage. Their installation should be at the designated places to indicate the sudden pressure change.

The Direction of Flow:

The proportional control solenoid valve is one-dimensional, 2 dimensional, and 3 dimensional. For example, at a place you need only a one-dimensional flow of the liquid, then you need to install the one-dimensional solenoid valve. One dimensional solenoid circuit only allows fluid to enter the reaction chamber. 

These electronically controlled pressure regulators only allow liquid flow on one side. This would allow the mixing of the liquid in a certain proportionality; it ensures mixing the chemical in a specific ratio. If you require two-way traffic in an electrical circuit, then a 2-dimensional control solenoid valve should be installed. The 2-dimensional valves allow the inside and outside movement of the liquid. 


The solenoid valves are specially installed relative to their functionality. These valves are sensitive and have a quick response time. You can quickly close and open them to control the flow of the liquid. The proportional control solenoid valve is designed to maintain the balanced ratio of the chemical in a reaction. These valves provide us the control of the response, and we can gather the desired quality.


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