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Using the 613 pH & ORP Sensor in Difficult Applications

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Using the 613 pH & ORP Sensor in Difficult Applications, Many traditional sensors have trouble in the petrochemical industry. There is a risk of fouling or contamination. If your business does a lot of work in this industry, then you need to consider investing in an ORP sensor.

The Issues With Traditional Sensors


One of the largest issues facing traditional sensors in the petrochemical industry is the issue of fouling with the sensors. It’s very common for these devices to end up with a film or coating on them. That prevents them from getting accurate readings the way an ORP sensor might. The porous design of these traditional sensors makes them vulnerable to debris getting stuck. This can cause impedance issues and result in an inaccurate readout, which of course, makes them less useful. The 613 ORP sensor, on the other hand, is constructed entirely out of material. That provides the electric connection required for an effective readout.

This product does not have a specific junction that can become fouled and prevent readouts. As long as the machine is whole, it can provide the needed readouts. Due to the robust design, even when fouling occurs. The impedance is much less than it would be with a traditional junction design. This new design also allows for a simple cleaning process. And it can be cleaned the same way that glass would be. Additionally, while many traditional products require a time-consuming calibration process. The 613 pH ORP sensors’ solid-state design allows for a return to action with only a 15-minute delay.


Among the most common issues with pH readouts in the petrochemical industry is the poisoning of the porous barrier by the process flow compounds. While traditional machines can be contaminated with materials such as sulfides or ammonia and lose their effectiveness, the 613’s solid-state design makes such poisoning a non-issue. The 613 pH ORP sensors’ readouts remain extremely accurate even when placed in very harsh conditions that would cause a traditional machine to have accuracy issues very quickly. By investing in the 613, your company can save time and money on replacing poisoned equipment and keep your uptime as high as possible. You know how costly it is to have to shut down for frequent cleaning or maintenance, and anything that can slow down the process or prevent it is going to pay for itself in no time. The 613 can make your process much more efficient.

Contact a reliable manufacturer and distributor of process water sensors, analyzers, and calibration standards if you feel that your business can benefit from the 613’s rugged pH sensors. Learn more about these rugged pH sensors and other fine products and their competitive price.


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