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Using Coconut In Your Daily Skin Care Regime

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Are you a fan of natural things that help your beauty routine? If so, be prepared to be wowed by the benefits of this miracle water!

Consuming It In Place Of Water

Thanks to how countless beauty gurus talk so often about it, most of us know nowadays about the importance of keeping your body hydrated. While we might not be always having the required amount of water asked of us, it is also true that we try our best to stay hydrated. This being said, if you are finding it hard to drink plain water, especially when the weather is hot and all you want is a sweet and cold frizzy drink, you should try drinking coconut water instead. This sweet drink not only helps you dehydrate your body, but it also gives your skin a natural glow…so you won’t even need to work too hard on your highlights!

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Using It As A Toner

If you have problem skin or anti aging skincare, chances are that you are trying everything available over the counter to settle your skin and feel less stressed about it. One of the biggest secrets for clear skin is to stop stressing about it; especially if your acne is hormone related. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but the moment you stop thinking about it, you will definitely notice a change. The other secret for clean skin is to try your best to avoid over drying out your skin with harsh products, and to avoid pampering it. Always use a gentle toner such as dabbing rose water or water from coconutson your skin, instead of the harsher toners found in stores.

Mixing It Into Your Face Masks

Are you someone who loves pampering your face with facemasks? If you do, you’d be surprised to learn that water from the coconut is actually great for hydrating your skin (when applied topically), as well as keeping it youthful. Whether your face mask is based on chickpea flour or Fuller’s Earth, you can easily use this fresh nut juice in it to amplify its goodness. Remember to always do a test patch before applying all over your face, as skin behaves differently to new ingredients. This is true even if you are not sensitive/allergic to the ingredient when eating or drinking it.

Gently Moisturizing With It

Like we mentioned above, this water is great for hydrating your skin topically when used as a toner. However, what is worth mentioning is that it also works brilliantly as a light moisturizer. If you happen to have very oily skin or combination skin and are hesitant to use moisturizers at night due to this, then this might be just the right fit for you. If you want something just a little creamier, consider applying coconut milk instead.

Spritzing It Onto Your Hair

Who says the benefits of this miracle juice stops only at your skin? Much like its oil, this water is also a brilliant product to use on your hair. If you have frizzy and dull hair, then spritzing some of this water on your hair will help you tame your hair, as well as make it look more lively. Massaging it onto your scalp helps increase blood circulation to the scalp; which in turn helps with hair loss and hair strengthening.


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