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Why Should Users Choosing Binance Exchange Instead of White Label?

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What is Cryptocurrency?

The term cryptocurrency is derived from the methods of encryption that can be used to secure the network. A crypto-currency is a form of payment that can be white label exchanged electronically for goods and services. Many companies have supplied their own currencies, often referred to as tokens, which can be traded directly for the company’s provided product or service.

Those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, have to face many challenges as we know that we have to work hard at the beginning and then we can succeed. There are many crypto-exchange software solutions through which you can gain more knowledge about cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges.

Although it is very difficult to understand which beginners are more profitable. Hope you’ve heard about binance and white label exchange. Both exchanges are well-known exchanges, and it is hard to tell which one is better and in which we would invest. But researchers claimed, for some reasons and contrast, that most people tend to use binance rather than the white label. Here is a contrast between the two, and compared to the white mark, you can understand why they use binane.


The exchange served primarily as a crypto to crypto network, providing access to over 500 different cryptocurrencies. However, earlier this year, the exchange partnered with Simplex to allow crypto transactions via credit and debit cards. The exchange also allows its users to make transactions without undergoing comprehensive KYC identity checks.

Binance, by comparison, is a relatively young upstart and was released in 2017. Former OKCoin CTO Changpeng Zhao, who raised $15 million in funding through the ICO, created the exchange (Initial Coin Offering). Considering its relative youth, the exchange has become increasingly popular and is the choice for a large percentage of the crypto trading community.

Reasons to use Binance

  • Compared to others, low deposit fee.
  • Guaranteed regular payments
  • For all your requirements, all in one account

Binance cryptocurrencies

In this field, Binance is somewhat of a market leader and made its name as a crypto to crypto exchange. Over 500 digital currencies are currently funded by the platform and suit those looking for a broader variety of tokens to exchange. Binance provides trading pairs focused on digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin (BNB), and secure coins including Tether.

Binance provides trading pairs focused on digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin (BNB), and secure coins including Tether. Using BNB will help minimize the site’s trading fees, and Binance also uses its Launchpad to promote new ventures and list them after ICO tokens are common for listing.

White label

The establishment of a crypto-currency exchange presents tremendous business opportunities in a market where global crypto-currency trading is booming. As the number of crypto-exchanges multiplies, however, the rivalry is intensifying. The number of exchanges listed on the coin market cap has risen by 31 percent to 341 exchanges since October last year. This steep increase not only illustrates the growth of the trading platform industry but also shows how important it would be for your platform to stand out in order to become the crypto-currency exchange of choice for crypto-traders.

Reasons to use:

  • It ensures faster deployment
  • White label costs less than developing your exchange from scratch.
  • White label exchange is effortless to use and easily it could be understood to anyone.

Types of cryptocurrency trading platform

Depending on the financial power, this will assist the customer to select the desired trading form and gain enormous profits. This will also help you produce more profits for trading in

cryptocurrencies from the consumers.

Leverage Trading

It means investors who want to earn a good amount of money the leverage trading helps investors to invest more that he is capable of. In short, it is trading that will grow up your crypto exchange platform and it will motivate another user to invest in it. If your user is running short of funds, you can provide the user with this option so that he can use funds to invest in a specific cryptocurrency either from the admin itself or from an angel investor or hedge investor.


Copy trading is something which will help you to do trading in the market without any worries even if you are new in the market. Copy trading is a feature that helps the new user to learn some techniques to do trading according to market procedures.

Spot trading

You can have a spot trading feature on your platform if you want your cryptocurrency exchange platform to work like famous exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. It has a high TPS and high liquidity that, in a matter of seconds, several transactions can be flown over. And imagine for such transactions the transaction fee. In short in, it can truly make your company a profitable one.

Peer to peer trading

This is a decentralized function of the transaction where the customer can transact without the owner of the exchange network intervention. It does not mean that, because there is an issue in the transaction and it needs a resolution, the admin is absolutely devoid of interference. You’re either building a centralized network or a decentralized one.

Cons of white label exchange

  • An absence of in-depth personalization
  • Lack of options that are well researched
  • Owing to the lack of assistance from suppliers, it is difficult to provide long-term help.
  • License forms range from monthly to annually,
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