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A Beginner Guide on How to use Gem Infused Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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There are many people who are keen interested to know that how you can use the gem infused crystal infused water bottle. You might have listened about it many times, but you have a question in mind about how you should be using it. Well its easy answer is like any other water bottle. You don’t need to buy any special bottle for using crystal infused water bottle. Just have it filled with the fresh water and drink it at any hour of the day. It has the crystal inside which easily get infused into the water which you won’t feel at all at the time of drinking each water drop.

To make the use of gem infused bottles, you need to perform a bit of the intention settings. Before you use the crystals, you should be meditating it for few minutes for improving the properties of the crystal stone. Just hold back the crystal a bit and think about few of its properties towards your life. Each single time you will drink the crystal water from gem infused bottle, you will be reminded of all those qualities one by one!

What types of crystal bottles are available in market?

It is your body who can better identify what you really need to drink at the current moment. So always follow your heart out and look for the best one. Although crystal infused water bottle is available in different types and each one of the type is having its own properties. Few of them are discussed below:

1. Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle:

It balances the body and mind where it is promoting the clarity of healing and thinking on a proper physical level. It acts as the multi-purpose crystal.

2. Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle:

This water bottle promotes the self-love, healing, great protection, and high emotional stability.

3. Smoky Quartz Crystal Water Bottle:

With this water bottle you can reduce your stress level and often help you with the detoxing. It is helpful in cleansing and healing process.

4. Citrine Crystal Water Bottle:

This type of crystal infused water bottle for sale increases the happiness, self-confidence and brings a power of self-expression.

Is it healthy to drink Crystal water?

Moving to the end of the discussion, it is important to identify how much safe it is to drink best crystal water bottle in Australia. Drinking the water which is charged with the ultimate power of some of the quartz crystal stones is yet safe with some of the crystals but not any of the crystal.

You should avoid including your water with the crystals which can dissolve in water such as selenite, or any of the hazardous crystal stones. Hence, you should be taking into account those crystals which can release hazardous particles into the water. And for that sake, it is always recommended to buy the crystal bottles from the brand which is the trusted one and is guaranteed to provide the services of water bottles which are 10% safe and healthy to drink.


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