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Use Dough Maker to Save Your Kitchen Time

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Indian breads like chapatti, roti, parantha and poori are a staple food of many households across the country. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most meals seem incomplete for many without one of these on their plates. These breads go well with any side dish like chutney, gravy, curry, stir-fried vegetables or even pickle. However, the process of making it is quite lengthy and cumbersome.

From kneading dry flour into dough to rolling them out into flatbreads and cooking them, the process takes quite a lot of time and is a messy job as well. If you would like to take some efforts and time away from this process and make the task a bit easier, it would be wise to invest in cooking appliances like an automatic dough maker. This appliance can knead the dough for you to the right consistency within no time. Read on to find out how using a dough maker can make things easier for you in the kitchen.

Save Time

Spending time in the kitchen cooking various meals for the day is inevitable. However, you can take help of cooking appliances to save as much time as possible and speed up several tasks. The dough maker is one such appliance that can help you knead dough in a short time. All that you need to do is add the right quantity of ingredients like flour, water and salt. Turn on the appliance and it will take care of the rest. This saves a lot of your time, which you can spend on other cooking chores.

Hygienic Way to Knead Flour with Consistent Perfection

When using the dough maker, you don’t have to use your bare hands to mix the flour. You just have to ensure that you clean the mixing pan of the appliance properly and dried it. This makes it a very hygienic way to knead the flour. Further, when you knead flour manually, sometimes it might get soggy, while it might get dry at other times. With a dough maker, you don’t have to worry about such problems as long as you add the right amount of ingredients. The appliance will knead dough to the perfect consistency each time.

Customize Ingredients and Flavours

If you wish to customise ingredients and flavours, you can add ingredients accordingly to the dough maker. For example, you can make your chapattis healthier by using spinach puree for kneading the dough instead of plain water. Similarly, you can use beetroot puree for kneading poori dough. You can also experiment with flavours by adding herbs or spices like cilantro, mint, garam masala, cumin powder and ajwain. You can also add different varieties of flours like refined wheat flour, whole wheat flour and multigrain flour. This way, you can get a dose of different nutrients from multiple flour varieties while your dough maker still kneads everything to the perfect consistency.

Make Bread with Ease

Many advanced dough makers can also double up as a bread maker. Besides kneading dough, you can also use it for making bread. If have been spending several hours on baking bread from the scratch, this is one of the best cooking appliances to own. You just need to add the desired ingredients, set the weight and colour setting, and start the appliance. You can concentrate on other tasks while the bread maker will bake the bread and indicate completion of the task with a beep.

Pre-Set Menu with Multiple Functions

Today’s contemporary dough makers come with a one-touch automatic operation facilitated by a pre-set menu with multiple functions. So, you can easily select the desired function and let the appliance handle the rest. Dough makers generally come with functions like dough (different options for chapatti, poori, pizza), bread (different options for French bread, whole wheat bread, gluten-free bread, sweet bread, rice bread), sticky rice, rice wine, jam, cake etc.

Taking all these points into consideration, we can justify that using a dough maker is the smarter and time-saving way to knead dough at home without sticky dough on your hands or messy flour all around your countertop. It’s time to make a shift and buy this revolutionary appliance for a hassle-free cooking experience.



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