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Urologists: Their Role in Helping You Improve Your Overall Health

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Urology is an essential part of healthcare that deals with conditions that affect the male and female urinary tract: bladder, kidneys, urethra, and ureters. On top of these, this field of medicine deals with the male reproductive system and can play a key role in helping couples who have a difficult time conceiving improve their chances. Putting all these into consideration, it can be said that working with a top urologist in Singapore is the way to go, especially since anyone can encounter issues in the said body parts.

A top urologist should be your primary healthcare practitioner if you have the following: 

  • Kidney stone problems
  • Prostate cancer and other prostate conditions 
  • Urine difficulties 
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Erectile dysfunction 

If you are a woman, you should see a urologist if you have: 

  • Have a difficult time holding your pee after giving birth 
  • Encounter pelvic organ prolapse, which takes place when a bladder or uterus drops or presses out or into the vagina. 

What should you expect on your first visit? 

It is safe to say that your first visit to a urologist is the same as your visit to your general physician. You are going to fill out forms that include essential information about your symptoms, health history, medicines and supplements that you are taking, and so on. Afterward, the urologist is going to do a physical exam that usually includes checking the genital and rectal area. He or she may also perform blood work that is complemented by ultrasound or CT scan so that he or she can have a better look at the organs that need checking. 

What treatments does a urologist offer? 

A top urologist can prescribe medications and give pointers on “behavior training.” For instance, he or she can give pointers on how patients like you can improve your conditions by performing pelvic exercises.

To add, he or she can perform a wide range of procedures that include: 

  • Cystoscopy – This procedure includes a close look at your bladder as well as urethra with the use of a cutting-edge telescope called a cystoscope. 
  • Biopsy – If your condition calls, your urologist may perform a biopsy to determine the severity of your condition. Along the way, this can help him or her decide if you require further medical procedures or otherwise. 
  • Ureteroscopy – This procedure is pretty much similar to cystoscopy, but here, the urologist is going to look at your kidneys and ureters. 
  • Vasectomy – The urologist is going to cut the tubes that carry the sperm in an effort to prevent pregnancy. 
  • Nephrectomy – This is a form of surgery that safely removes a kidney to prevent the risks that are brought by cancer. 

Summing up These are only some of the reasons that make the role of urologists important if you want to make sure that your health and well being are not compromised in any way. This is the reason why you should make it a point to hire a top urologist that is backed by a long history of safety, success rate, and so on.


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