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Upholstery cleaning after moving

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On average, every person moves about five times in their life. The reasons are as individual as the people themselves: The first place of their own, for example, when studying, may be followed by moving in with a partner, later moving to a larger house so that the offspring also have enough space. Or a job change is imminent and moving to another city is necessary.

Moving usually involves a lot of work: boxes have to be packed, the furniture dismantled, the relocation goods transported and everything has to be unpacked and set up again at the new location. Then the re-registration, maybe also renovation work. All of this already costs a lot of time and it is not uncommon for the furniture to suffer as well: some things get dirty or stained. Simply combine the move with a professional upholstery cleaning service! Specialized companies come to your home and clean your upholstery quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. We are your competent contact for upholstery cleaning in Australia, for example in Sydney and the surrounding area!

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Furniture like new again: Even when moving abroad

Regardless of whether it is a sofa, couch, armchair, car seats, office chairs, carpets, or mattresses: after a few years the colors fade, the fabrics wear out, stains can no longer be completely removed or odors settle in the upholstery fixed. It doesn’t matter how expensive the seating was. Not to mention mites. At some point, millions of tiny arachnids will live in the upholstery and mattresses. The thought is extremely disgusting to most people, but nobody needs to be embarrassed.

It is recommended that seating furniture be cleaned regularly or have it cleaned. A good reason for this is to move. Because a couch or sofa can get dirty during transport. If it is time for a cleaning anyway, it is best to combine the move with a professional cleaning service. If you move to Australia, for example to Sydney, we have the perfect tip: a reliable contact for cleaning upholstered furniture is Clean Couches Sydney. Many customers swear by the effective and environmentally friendly methods.

How to remove unpleasant smells from the couch and sofa

Removing stains from upholstered furniture is not that easy. In the case of light, superficial soiling, it may be sufficient to take a conventional cleaning agent and rub it carefully. But what about mites, deep-seated dirt, and unpleasant smells? These problems often do not go away with the spots.

Several steps are necessary to remove bad smells from the upholstery so that the sofa smells fresh again. It is generally helpful to vacuum the sofa regularly and to ensure that the rooms are always well ventilated. You can also try home remedies first:

• Vinegar water: add one part vinegar to two parts water, mix everything well and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the cushions with vinegar water and rub the liquid gently. Then let it work in and clean a little with clear water.

• Soda: Spread about 200 grams of soda powder on the upholstery to be cleaned and leave it on for a few hours, ideally overnight, then vacuum. Baking soda draws moisture and with it some less serious odors from the upholstered furniture.

There are plenty of dry cleaners on the market too. But often it is pure chemistry. You should take a look at the ingredients and carefully read the care instructions for your couch or sofa. Every material reacts differently and not every method is recommended for every type of upholstery.

Leave upholstery cleaning to the professionals

It doesn’t matter whether you want to have your furniture cleaned just like that or after moving. In all cases, the following applies: At some point, you will get stuck with home remedies and conventional cleaners. Wiping out stains, knocking out, vacuuming, ventilating, and so on only help to a limited extent. You will no longer be able to cope with deep-seated dirt, strong smells, and vermin such as mites with upholstery that is a few years old. Fortunately, professionals like the Clean Couches Sydney can provide quick relief.

They are mobile and can work directly at your site. You do not need to transport the dirty or musty furniture yourself, the upholstery cleaners come to you for cleaning! Would you like upholstery, mattresses or carpets to be cleaned on a weekend or after work? That is also possible. When making an appointment, we are guided by your wishes. Our competent team comes exactly when it fits your schedule. It is based on biological cleaning methods. The professionals know almost all manufacturers and fabrics, cleaning upholstery after a move or without a special reason is safe and environmentally friendly. You can rely on particularly short drying times. After a few hours, everything will be shiny and your furniture will be as good as new. So you will feel really good again very quickly, even after moving.


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