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First Look at The Upcoming Default Themes For WordPress In 2021

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It is a no-brainer that websites are the representation of a brand and display what the brand stands for. Being a major marketing touchpoint and the first interaction medium between a potential customer and a brand, it is important to make sure that your website is on point. Not just in terms of presentation, but also its functionality.

If you are a WordPress user, you must be aware of the significance of customizing your website. To garner maximum attention and engagement from your website visitors, WordPress users explore the various themes options offered by the platform.

Improving the overall usability and look of your website may be a daunting task since it requires a proper set of coding and designing skills which is quite a technical task, however, the inception of WordPress themes has been a savior for the users of the platform. 

A WordPress theme enables the user to completely transform the overall look of your website or blog. It also allows you to control the presentation of the website. WordPress themes can be bifurcated into two broad categories – Multipurpose themes & Niche themes.

The former type enables you to customize the look by incorporating extensions, widgets, and code. On the other hand, the latter type caters to a specific type of niche or industry. However, they do not offer as many customization options.

Using an appropriate WordPress theme that matches the overall look and feel of your business or your brand project is mandatory.

Continue reading the blog till the end as we have shortlisted a few themes that would work extremely well for your WordPress website.

Amazing WordPress Themes To Look Out For In 2021

1. Sydney

Another theme that has gained popularity is the WordPress theme directory in Sydney. Especially keeping in mind the requirements of a business website, this theme was designed. Being fully compatible with Elementor, this theme is perfect for building a strong presence online.

Users can customize the theme as per their needs and requirements. They have complete access to Google fonts, colors, layouts, sticky navigation, screen slider, and much more.

To further increase the impact on your website visitors, you can incorporate social media feed plugins and aggregate content from various social media platforms in a unified presentation.

Such content when displayed on the website offers incredible benefits like an increase in the engagement level of the website visitors, an increase in the dwell time of the visitors, a reduction in the bounce rate, displaying social proof, and increasing conversions and revenues.

2. Color Mag

As the name suggests, Color Mag is an attractive and catchy WordPress theme that was designed especially for designing magazines, newspapers, news, or any other business that requires a vibrant look.

Apart from this, this theme offers various layouts and configurations to let every business find a perfect fit and that caters to their niche.

Speaking of the features of the theme – it offers multiple beneficial features like a variety of color options, there is ample space for displaying widgets like a social media feed widget to further amplify the engagement level of the website visitors.

However, this theme is perfect for businesses that publish ample content or a good amount of content daily. You can consider the other theme options mentioned in the blog if your website does not offer as much content.

3. Neve

Neve is an amazing and extremely responsive theme that loads at a lightning-fast speed. 

Being a multi-purpose theme website, Neve is an amazing WordPress theme that can be used for businesses, start-ups, firms, or e-Commerce businesses.

Speaking about its design, it has a minimalistic yet elegant design perfect for such niches. Moreover, Neve offers 20+ free starter sites that can further be increased to more once you upgrade to a pro version.

Neve has become quite a popular theme and has increased its popularity in just a few months of its release. Overall, if you are looking for a theme that is engaging, easily customizable, responsive, and loads in a jiffy, then Neve is the perfect fit for you.

4. Hestia

For thorough professionals who are looking for a theme to create a website for their restaurant, business, e-commerce store, or a start-up as well as creative businesses, you can consider Hestia.

This theme falls under the category of multipurpose themes and has a responsive one-page design.

Using this theme, you would be able to build a website with a proper professional and tidy look.

Ever since it came into existence, this theme has been trending and has eventually become quite popular amongst the other WordPress themes available.

The theme is SEO friendly, Retina ready, and highly responsive, and must surely be considered due to its features.

5. Astra

Being one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes, Astra is extremely popular and much in demand due to its amazing features and brilliant performance.

Compatible with major page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Site Origin, Beaver builder, Astra is a super performer as it loads at lightning-fast speed and is completely customizable.

The users can seamlessly build a website and customize it completely as per their needs and requirements.

Moreover, being less than 50KB on the front end, this theme is lightweight and provides a speed like none of the other mentioned themes.

Overall, Astra is an SEO-friendly theme, can be customized completely, and is super responsive which makes it a perfect fit for portfolios and business websites.

Bonus – Incorporating a social media feed plugin for wordpress with Astra is a sure-shot way of achieving your desired sales and revenues.

The vibrant presence of social media platforms would surely compel your website visitors to explore your website more. This would further boost your visitor’s engagement, interest in your brand and gradually increase your revenues and conversions.

6. Rabbit

If you are on the verge of launching your website and wish to give your visitors a glimpse into your website, then try considering a coming soon theme.

A classy and minimalistic coming soon website theme is Rabbit. This theme gives your website a professional look that helps in creating a lasting impression on your visitors. The theme provides additional features to its users like background effects, animations, and image slideshows to enhance the look of your website.

7. Ocean WP

The last WordPress theme in this blog that is perfect for businesses, eCommerce websites, blogs, or portfolios is Ocean WP.

Quite similar to Astra, this theme is compatible with most page builders like Elementor, Site Origin, etc.

Overall, this theme is super responsive, fast, SEO friendly, and has customization options and features similar to Astra.

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Closing Note

We have finally reached the conclusion section of the blog and are positive that you are now well familiar with the best themes that you can use for your WordPress website in 2021.

Around 94% of first impressions are in relation to the design of your website. Hence, if you wish to offer a good lasting impression on your visitors, you most certainly need to incorporate a theme that adds more value to your website’s presence.

Now that you know it all, get going, choose the theme that deems fit and incorporate it right away!


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