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United Kingdom Accommodation Student Guide 

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The United Kingdom is known for its exceptional educational facilities. Four out of ten of the world’s top-notch universities are situated across the UK. Apart from a great academic life, the students can also celebrate their magnificent culture, history, and art. If you are into football, then you can easily relish the time in the UK. 

You are sure to be filled with different emotions. After all, it is not easy for anyone to move away from the family to a foreign land and secure their future. Maintaining good academic results can be really stressful already. Adding to it the idea of living without your people might make you more overwhelmed. It can also affect your studies. You can have different queries too, but we have got you covered. 

Different types of student accommodation 

Halls of residence

Halls of residence are student dorms. There are two kinds of halls. One is basically offered by the university and another one is private and generally located outside the campus. They are composed of 5-10 rooms on one floor with a shared kitchen and a living room. Most of the rooms do not have their private bathroom. Students need to share it with other students. There is a wide range of room types which you can select from. Be it a single room, double room, or deluxe, you can get to choose from a wide option depending on your budget. Staying in halls of residence means always being surrounded by students. Another great thing about this kind of student accommodation in Nottingham is that they are located on the campus or nearby. So, you don’t have to commute by public transportation every day. In the UK, you can select from the catered or non-catered ones. In the catered halls, you can get three meals per day and you have a common kitchen too if you get hungry between the meals. If you go with the catered version, then you have to pay more. Most of the application options for the university halls of residence are sent to the email once you have been offered to study at the university. This means that you should apply as soon as possible so that you can reserve student accommodation in UK.  

Private flats 

Freshers tend to move into a house with their friends after renting from a leasing agent. If you are a fresher and you fancy your own living area outside the university’s domains or just want to live with your friends or partner, then renting a private flat can be one of the best choices. Universities do not always guarantee you a place in the dorms. In that case, you can move directly into private student housing in Nottingham. Staying in a private flat can be really amazing as it allows one to decide exactly where and who you want to stay with. In contrast, it can be really challenging to spot those in similar situations and arrange viewings if you have not reached the university. You can connect with your university as it can help you with connecting you up with similar students. They provide you with verified lists of proprietors or student-centred leasing agents. 


Homesickness is one of the tangible responses for all the students you are cruising away from their homes. The affection of the family is a unique sensation that only a few can harmonize. The only way you will sense that feeling in a new place is by living with another family. Homestays provide you with a surreal experience. They are a relaxing stay, notably if the house you are staying with has experience of hosting students. You can chill with them as they will take care of your meals, laundry, and other bills because your rent will compromise everything. 

How to secure the most suitable accommodation 

  1. Research agencies online for the best student accommodation in Nottingham across the UK. Compare prices, amenities, etc. 
  2. Check out the prices including the rent, utility bills, deposit, etc. 
  3. Start the search as soon as possible so that you find something which suits your preference. 
  4. Connect with accommodation agencies or use online platforms. 
  5. Join social media groups and search for local student housing forums. 
  6. Call the university’s accommodation office to seek guidance. 
  7. Plan property viewings to assess different conditions, location as well as suitability. Go for virtual tours. 
  8. Read and understand the lease terms before you sign. 


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