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All you need to know before making United Airlines Reservations

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According to research, flying has become one of the most stressful operations since the outbreak of the pandemic. People are scared to take a flight. I used to feel the same way. After I got fully vaccinated and was given green light to travel, I was still apprehensive about travelling. But all my doubts vanished after I asked people reviews about airlines and they all suggested making United Airlines Reservations.

Fastest and safest way to make United Airlines Reservations

United is a customer-centric airline and therefore offers a myriad of ways to make reservations. These ways are classified into two major branches- offline mode and online mode.

I am a fan of making reservations through the official website, www.united.com and through United’s official app. The reservation process on both platforms is similar. So once I got the hang of it I was able to book flights on the app as well.

Making reservations through the website comes with its own perks. You get to see the latest updates on the website, get access to limited-time offers and deals and can book hotels and car rentals while making United Airlines Reservations. Isn’t that wonderful?

The website and app are both designed to keep the attention span and benefit of the user in mind. They are easy to navigate. The app is free to download. It functions well on both android and iOS systems.

Step by step guide to make United Airlines Reservations through online platform

Like I mentioned, that I prefer online ways to book flights over other ways. I have broken down the entire process into small bites so that you can follow them without any discomfort. Come back to this blog whenever you need to refresh your memory. Let’s have a look;

Open the website, www.united.com and locate “Flight” on the homepage. I am sure you will not have any trouble looking for it.

Once you have clicked on it, confirm your currency. You can choose to pay in dollars, points and other currencies or you can use your Mileage Plus points.

If you do decide to go for your Mileage Plus points, you need to log in to your United account. It is optional.

Enter your departure and arrival locations in the space provided. You can even use the airport’s IATA codes. For example, if you wish to arrive at John. F. Kennedy Airport in New York you can just type its IATA code, JFK and the website will accept it.

Now type in how many passengers will be travelling and their status(adult or children). This is asked because there is a different set of policies for children travelling with United.

Select your cabin class and specify your travel dates in the space provided. Also mention what kind of a trip this is going to be i.e., round trip or one-way trip. Click on “Select Flights”.United also has a special feature called Budget Search which gives you budget-friendly options on your United Airlines Reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions related to United Airlines Reservations

Can I manage my booking on the website?

Yes, you can easily manage your booking at www.united.com. Go to My Trips and select the “Manage Your Booking” tab. Enter your Booking reference number that you receive after making a reservation and your last name.

  • What are United Packages and where can I find them?

United Packages are vacation packages designed by the airlines which consist of Flight Fares with hotel and/or car rental combos. They are exclusive deals that can be found only on United’s website.

  • How can I cancel my United Airlines Reservations?

If you have booked flights through the website or through United App you can make cancellations on the website/app itself.

  • What is the reservations phone number?

The number designated for United Airlines Reservations is 800-864-8331. There are other numbers for specific countries. Just open the Internet Go to the website and find the entire list.

More information for hassle free United Airlines Reservations

United Airlines Reservations800-864-8331
United BaggageFor USA or CANADA                 
Outside of USA or Canada- 1281 821 3256
Best Time To Dial3:15 PM
Current Wait26 Min
An alternative method to contactWeb, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


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