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Understanding the role and significance of digital printing in making reserved parking signs

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One of the most popular digital printing tools in the ambit of parking signage is the Traffic Jet Print System. It’s the highest-selling and most viable digital traffic sign printer. It guarantees every specification with complete compliance with the latest traffic rules around the world. It also covers an extensive production system. 

  • The most prominent features are professional-grade printing, expert printing, sustainability, up-gradation to plus features, clear services, ready equipment, and durability. 
  • People vouch for digital printing to produce durable and attractive signage for wayfinding, traffic safety, or general rules and graphic application. 
  • The advanced tool is the only advanced digital traffic signage system that has got backing from a reputable single-source supplier.
  • The companies can provide comprehensive printers, sheeting, installation, ink, overlay, service support, and laminator. 
  • The firms can provide complete peace of mind with their service warranties. They are the trusted pioneers of digital printing in the traffic industry.


The prominent components

You can categorize traffic signs into four segments. These are parking and regulatory signs, construction and warning signs, guide and information, and parking and bylaw signs. 

They use wide-format signs through decals and digital printing. For specialty signs, the firms use foam core monuments and LED electronic message centers. 

  • To make the quality substrates for reserved parking signs, the 3M certified fabricators use top-class aluminum. It’s 50% better and thicker than standard utility materials. 
  • While other signs and templates may undergo fatigue, these advanced ones stay firmly in place.
  • The sheeting and films deserve special mention. The companies use cutting-edge retro-reflective sheeting to ensure traffic visibility. 
  • The fabricators use an extensive range of permanent and temporary reflective sheeting. You can apply the grade-level sheeting to your parking signs and traffic equipment.
  • They also supply you with a range of add-ons for your signs. These include cleaning and washing products. 
  • In dangerous or fragile areas, the lights and boards need extra visibility, which means you need to cover them up at times. 
  • You can hide your template with a shroud from oncoming traffic. You can also purchase a protective canvas shield or bag for storing the sign.

On advanced printing

3M authorized printing is the perpetual buzzword in the digital printing world. It’s the most common printing technique for reserved and unreserved parking signs. You can use licensed and proprietary 3M links. 

  • You control the printing process through screen printing to convey the requisite message to visitors and staff. 
  • This printing setup provides the most durable and attractive signs. They comprise the most authentic and comprehensive colour matching or fidelity. 
  • Although their warranty is 7-5 years on the book, they can, however, last for a longer period of time in practice.
  • Other sign printing methods include dye-sublimation, laser printing, and thermal transfer printing. You generally use these techniques for printing labels. 
  • You can use all of them to make your custom signs. They integrate a smaller press and you can typically restrict them to a cluster of narrow formats.

Another popular digital printing technique for many sign stores is solvent inkjet printing. You commonly use this method for making van and truck graphics, banners, posters, and billboards.


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