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Understanding the Features of Courier and Postal Service

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Courier service helps to get the products delivered to the destination at faster speeds. Postal service is the government offered services to deliver to the products like we get the product shipped by visiting the local post office. There are over 500 courier companies across the nation and it can be quite troublesome to find out which courier company will be the best for our requirements. Before anyone starts the search for choosing a courier company, they must know about the basic services provided by the courier companies and how they operate.

Definition and features of courier services and postal services mentioned below:

Definition and features of a Postal service

Let us understand the meaning and how the postal service works. The postal service is also a shipping company but it is run by the government of India. Indian post is an example of the postal service. There is no intervention of private courier companies in it. People tend to send non-urgent and non-perishable items using the postal services as they are quite affordable and customers pay reasonable shipping costs. Postal services might take a few days or weeks to get the package delivered depending on the destination.

Definition and features of a courier service

Courier service is a company that delivers our products at the destination at a higher speed and is extremely reliable. Courier services charge more than the postal service but provide high-quality courier services. International courier services can be used to send international parcels safely and at higher speed. Some courier companies just handle domestic deliveries while some other courier companies might be involved in both domestic and international courier delivery services. It is now easier to send a courier to Australia from India with the help of international courier services with the reduced hassle. Courier services are experienced in handling different types of courier deliveries such as:

  1. Domestic couriers: Courier services now have the facility of same-day or next-day delivery for the domestic couriers. If anyone wants to get the products delivered quickly, they can opt for this fast-forward courier delivery option by paying few extra bucks.
  2. International Couriers: International courier service providers have their network across the globe. This feature of courier services is quite famous among online businesses. Online businesses are now able to send the goods internationally by outsourcing the delivery of the product to a third-party courier company.
  3. Time-sensitive courier delivery service: There are some established courier companies that provide the facility to get the time-sensitive international couriers delivered within a timeframe of 3 business days. Sometimes we might need to send medicines or medical pieces of equipment that are used to save someone’s life. Courier companies have made this possible to send the couriers to the destination at increased speeds thus decreasing the delivery time.

How do the courier services work?

Courier companies have a streamlined process to deliver the products at the destination. They provide a home pick-up facility for the products. Customers can book the delivery of a parcel by visiting the courier company’s website. As soon as the courier is booked, they assign a person from their staff to pick up the product from the provided address. Then the product is picked up and packed safely in the best possible way so that it reaches the destination without any damage. Then the product is shipped via land, air or sea routes depending on the type of product and delivery speed opted by the customer. Then it is delivered to the destination by a delivery agent.


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