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Understanding the Convenience Features of Smart Garage Door Openers!

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Garage door openers have been around since the 1920s, and through the years, the mechanism has enjoyed a lot of innovations. In fact, with the trend of going smart with devices, garage door openers are also now under the umbrella of the smart home ecosystem.

So what exactly is a smart garage door? It’s an opener that operates much like a typical garage door opener. But the difference is in how convenient and intuitive it is. Because a smart garage door opener can connect to a Wi-Fi network, the owner can control and monitor the mechanism using a smartphone app.

Best Features of Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’re thinking about switching to these smart garage door openers, here are just some of the key features you’ll get:

·      App controls. A smart garage door opener enables you to open or close the garage door via your smartphone, tablet, or computer app.

·      Real-time notifications. The app can inform you if the garage door is open or closed. Forgetfulness won’t be an issue anymore. With just a few clicks, you can control and check on your garage door.

·      Security code. These smart openers create new codes with every click and operation. This ensures that the code is dynamic and guards against code theft.

·      Intuitive security. There are special lock features now that monitor against someone trying to open the garage door forcibly.

·      Battery backup. The new models have a power backup that keeps the door operating in sudden power outages.

·      Wireless and keyless entry. Using a dedicated remote or a smartphone app, you can open or close down the garage door.

·      Effective sensors. The latest garage door openers have improved eye sensors. These detect subtle or big obstructions in the door’s path and automatically reverse their movement. For families that have small kids or pets, strong sensors are a must.

·      Energy efficiency. Smart garage doors are built with more efficient energy-saving systems that can lower the usage when it is not being operated.  

·      Smart Home Ecosystem. The niftiest feature in a smart garage door opener is that it can connect to an IFTTT (If This, Then That) service. This enables you to set a sequence for your home devices. For example, you can set a timer that your security camera automatically records a video when the garage door opens at nighttime. Or, when you click the garage door open, the living room lights turn on as well. It adds convenience and pizzazz to your day-to-day.

Will I Be Able to Maintain it?

Of course, with quality features come the costs. Smart garage doors are more expensive than the traditional garage door opener. And aside from the upfront cost, you’d also have to consider future garage door opener repair costs. These will add to your home maintenance costs, so be ready for that. Whether you’re a new homeowner or are upgrading your home garage system, considering a smart garage door opener can be that – smart! Think about it. You’ll only be installing a new garage door once, maybe twice, or thrice in your lifetime. It’s worth getting the most out of the available technologies now. And based on the features we’ve highlighted, modern garage doors combine function, style, and convenience. If the garage is a big part of your routine, you’d want the best.

If you want to know more about smart garage door openers, we at Titan Garage Doors Rockford can help you make the most informed decision. We have years of experience when it comes to installation and garage door repair Rockford. So get in touch with us to learn more expert info and recommendations on the latest styles and features.  


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