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Undecided? Check Out the Following 5 Best College Majors

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You might already be dealing with the bulk of stress and anxiety that choosing a major can cause. You might have seen many different lists and opinions of what constitutes the best college majors you should pick. Add in the fact that you need to also pick a one out of college minors, and things can be rather overwhelming and tense. 

After all, your choice of the right major can determine your future earnings and career opportunities. But, no worries. We’ve got your back. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the top five college majors that you won’t regret.

1. The Winner of the Best College Majors: Communication

Students interested in journalism, media, cinema, writing, or general storytelling. Those may pursue a communications degree. This major is for individuals who believe they are media literate. And they want to learn more about how media influences daily life.

Thanks to its varied course load, the communications major has a wide range of employment options. Including broadcasting, marketing, editing, producing, and graphic design. This undergraduate major will prepare students for the work needed to get a master’s degree in communication. Which is required for jobs in academia and management at the highest levels.

Common Coursework

Introduction to research techniques and public relations. A communications major’s curriculum is flexible. And it frequently varies depending on the institution one attends. Also, writing, public speaking, and media are the most popular courses.

Within the communications major, many concentrations affect the courses a student will take. The most common specializations include journalism, public relations, corporate communication, and media studies, with optional courses varying according to the specialty. Upper-level students will be required to complete a capstone project or a thesis as part of their graduation requirements.

2. For Literature Lovers: English

English is one of the finest majors for indecisive students since it offers various specializations and job options. Students will research literary masterpieces as well as their cultural and historical relevance.

English students will be encouraged to develop their own skills. There’s researching and producing a variety of media to novels. There’s also poetry and screenplays and magazine pieces, in addition to literary analysis. English majors may pursue careers as technical writers, news reporters, copywriters, and journalists, or they can pursue graduate-level study in law, business, and more.

Common Coursework

The curriculum for an English degree varies depending on the specialty selected by the student. English majors may choose from various concentrations. Like British literature, creative writing, media, and digital studies. There’s also visual culture and modernist studies.

Screenwriting, American poetry, graphic novels, and filmmaking courses. All are available depending on the student’s chosen path. With such a diverse variety of subjects, students pursuing an English degree will be able to pursue their passions. Specifically, without the added burden of being restricted to a certain major.

3. The Queen of Social Sciences: Psychology

Are you an extrovert who enjoys assisting others? A psychology degree may be ideal for you. Psychological theory, philosophical ideas, sociology, interpersonal interactions, and various other subjects—those are likely to be covered in class.

You may utilize your understanding of the human brain, specifically to provide counseling, work as a mental health technician. Or you can even work as a behavioral intervention assistant after you graduate.

Psychology jobs are projected to increase by 14% by 2028. Consider pursuing a master’s or doctorate to become a psychiatrist or to further your career in the field. And, you may work on your own, for a medical institution or university, social work, or public education.

4. Money and Maths: Economics

The subjects covered in an economics degree are relevant to real-world issues. They provide students with analytical and critical-thinking abilities.

As well as and risk analysis, these are all possible job pathways for economics majors. This degree is ideal for analytical students, and those who are interested in maximizing their financial resources.

While economics is often linked with business. Students may pursue jobs and/or graduate study in various fields. Those can include government, law, medicine, and more.

Because of its numerous job possibilities, economics is one of the greatest majors for indecisive students. It provides students the freedom to choose from a wide variety of disciplines as well as the opportunity to specialize if they so choose.

Common Coursework

Students should anticipate microeconomics and macroeconomics. Also, econometrics, statistics, and calculus classes.

Game theory, market design, monetary and fiscal policy, international commerce, and public finance. All of those are examples of more advanced topics.

Best Career Prospects: Business Administration

A business degree is a great choice for those who want a broad education. Instead, business majors have a wide range of employment possibilities. It also includes leadership and problem-solving. It’s one of the highest-paying college majors.

Students who study business may work like investment bankers. In addition, you can work as financial advisors, company owners, or actuaries. Business is one of the finest majors for indecisive students since it provides a comprehensive education with areas of concentration and a diverse variety of job options.

Regardless, you’ll want to have your college diploma on hand. You can check out why here. 

Common Coursework

Finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and public speaking are among the courses offered. Students may concentrate on a particular subject like human resources management, entrepreneurship, project management, or finance. Or, they can retain a more broad education, depending on their selected specialties.

Students can anticipate collaborative assignments. Building collaboration, leadership, and communication skills will help them succeed. Internships and other off-campus activities will enable students to establish relationships. And, those are essential, especially with prominent professions.

Ready to Start Your Undergraduate Journey?

Going to college is one of the most stressful coming-of-age experiences that most of us experience. Add in the feelings of indecision you have when it comes to college majors. And, it’s no wonder that high school students are one of the most anxious segments of the American population. 

Hopefully, our article has helped you explore some of the best college majors available at most colleges. And, if you’re still hesitant, you can check out our additional tips and strategies, all available to you in our education section.


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