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Ultimate Guide on the Course of General Surgery


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General surgery

Our patients are greeted by surgeons with many years of professional experience. Following the examination, full information on the planned surgeries will be provided. Our surgeons can refer our clients for laboratory tests to make an accurate diagnosis and, if appropriate, recommend additional imaging diagnostic procedures such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI scans.

In what cases is it recommended to see a surgeon?

Our patients who turn to our specialists mostly come for the order due to skin or soft tissue lesions, gallstones, abdominal hernia, dilated varicose veins, hemorrhoids, or thyroid enlargement. They often visit the clinic with specific symptoms and complaints characteristic of the given disease. Examples include gallstone seizures and abdominal wall and groin pain on exercise. Benign tumors of the body’s soft tissues, skin, breast, abdominal viscera, and endocrine glands also require General Surgery Instruments.

The course of the surgical practice

Based on the Patient’s complaints and medical history, the following examinations and interventions may be performed at the surgical clinic based on the Patient’s complaints and medical history:

General examination, assessment, and recording of the Patient’s current condition, diagnosis of diseases recognizable by physical examination, indication, and ordering of additional specialist examinations for the confirmation of surgical diseases arising on the basis of complaints

Ordering different types of laboratory and imaging tests, functional tests

Physical and instrumental examination of the rectum – anoscope, recto scope.

Performing outpatient small surgeries: removal of soft tissue lesions on the skin and under the skin.

The surgery is made from pre-operative patients investigating.

Postoperative follow-up of patients and suture collection is also performed by a surgeon.

General surgical procedures at Medic over Private Hospital

Removal of skin lesions

Laparoscopic gallstone surgery, gallbladder removal

Thyroid surgeries

Hernia surgeries

Hemorrhoid surgeries

Lipoma removal

Rectal polyps surgery

Detection and treatment of abscesses and fistulas

Varicose vein surgery

Outpatient small surgeries

Excision, burning, and eradication of skin and subcutaneous lesions by histological examination

Solving nail problems

Ingrown nail excision

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