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Tyre care: How driving style can affect your truck tyres’ lifespan

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Tyres are the most important and often overlooked part of a vehicle; it’s the only part of a vehicle that comes in direct contact with the road. A tyre is a rubber covering placed around a wheel to form soft contact with the road when driving. Wear in tyres often occurs through friction with the road and is very common. Modern tyres are designed and manufactured to create smooth friction with the surface. You can easily buy great truck tyres in Australia by understanding their necessary key features and how to sustain them with a better driving style and technique.

How long the tyres on your truck will last is dependent on how well they are used, and the road conditions of your normal routes. The possibility of not having your tyres wear is very low, but you do have the ability to make them last longer, if the right measures and guidelines are followed. To adapt your driving style to minimise tyre wear, follow the points below:

Appropriate Tyre Pressure

As tyres are filled with air, the level of air pressure inside determines the tyre’s health, and how well they drive. You should always maintain the air pressure according to the weight your vehicle carries, and they should be checked once every fifteen days or before every long journey. You should also check the air pressure on your tyres depending on the climatic region your vehicle is driving in.

Steering Wheel Movement

The movement of your steering wheel moves the tyres directly; this puts massive pressure on the tyres when the vehicle isn’t moving. It might not impact you immediately but over time it wears down your front pair of tyres. To avoid causing unnecessary wear it is always better to not move your steering wheel unless your truck is moving.

Better Understanding Of Acceleration

Acceleration forces are pretty powerful at times; the power is released through the pairs of tyres due to which the wheels spin. In the meantime, the tyres also create friction with the road. If the friction level is high, the tyres will start to wear. So, the more you understand the acceleration of your vehicle, the longer your tyres will last.

Proper Load

Higher loads exert higher pressure. Your truck is designed to carry a specific amount of cargo only, and so are the tyres. As your tyres hold the overall load of the truck, you must be aware that the load does not exceed the actual capacity of the vehicle. Otherwise, your tyres will not bear the load pressure, creating more friction with the road and eventually wearing them quickly. Your driving manual should have information regarding the maximum weight limit for your vehicle.

Speed Limit

Driving over the speed limit will increase harsh friction between tyres and the road, which causes tyres to wear out; meanwhile, it is dangerous from the driver’s life standpoint. So, it is better to drive your vehicle within the speed limit to increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Timely Checks And Maintenance

Just as you check your vehicle’s health and performance from time to time, make a habit to properly inspect the condition and health of your truck tyres too. If you are an experienced driver or drive trucks often you will be able to adapt your driving style according to your tyre’s condition.

All drivers will experience immoderate treadwear on their tyres over time. Since multiple factors are responsible for the wear and tear of a tyre, the driver needs to take care of all possible factors which might affect the tyres. Failing to do so may cause you to have to invest more money into maintenance, tyres and fuel.

No matter how well or cautiously you drive your vehicle; your tyres will wear out eventually. If you are having tyre problems often and want to buy high-quality truck tyres in Australia, Oceanic Direct is your one-stop shop. They have over 30 years of industry experience and sell high-quality tyres from big brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Windforce, Triangle, Carlisle, Maxxis etc.


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