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Types Of Led Poi

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Led Poi is one of the most well-known performers performing on stages to entertain people. To fully understand what Led Poi is, you must understand what Poi is. Poi originated from the Maori tribe New Zealand and has expanded and evolved all over the world.

Led Poi is a technique of spinning anything that consists of the led light emission in it.

Basic techniques used in Led poi performance

Holding Poi

The performer should master the string that he has to spin. The performer must master the string so that after releasing the string in the air, it should land perfectly in his hands. Another way to hold a string is to maintain a strap or a handle.


To master the spinning process, start with your dominant hand and begin to swing either forward or backwards; this is the basis of all poi techniques.

If you are throwing the ball forward, your palm should face downward and if you are facing up.

Once you are in motion, make sure that your swing is vertical, and the next step from here is to start spinning the other end of the Poi without making any contact with the ground or simply saying then without dropping the Poi.

Techniques That Has Been Used In The Performance of Poi


Making the crosses in the performance of Poi is easy; you have to make the Led go around your body and back again, alternating each end of the poI.

This technique requires less attention and can be handled easily. You have to make sure you do have a practice of the basics.

Pyropixie’s spiral Poi:-

It is great for beginners of all ages.

The kids spiral poi is shorter and easier to handle; it is similar to that of ribbon poi but one piece of delicate fabric instead of multiple ribbons.


This technique requires turning your body to 180degree but continuing to spin the Poi in the same direction that they are.

You can extend the length of the rope to give more area to your body to move and give your performance a mass effect compared to a smaller string.


It is a technique in which you can create a shape of a butterfly by using the  Led strings; this is quite a complex technique to master.

The Poi is the swing in a forward direction in phase with each other. The hands are then both moved in front of the swinger so that poi traverse in a circle, the left Poi moves clockwise, and the right poi moves anticlockwise.


Modern Poi borrows from many other physical arts such as flow arts, juggling and dance. Modern Led Poi or glow Poi contains a light source connected to the end of each string, and it is performed in the dark area to enhance the effect of the performance.


Led Poi is a traditional performance of New Zealand; it is an art of showing your emotions.


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