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Types of Fitness Apps to Get You Motivated

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Let’s admit, we all need fitness motivation. It is not easy to stick to the ‘getting fit’ routine and skip the delicious junk that tempts us. Keeping a track of what we eat, how much we workout, who much physically active we are, our workout becomes a dreading task after the initial motivation to stay fit wears off. If you feel everything we just said then know that you are not alone. This happens to most of us.

Luckily, we are living in the digital era where everything is possible through your phone and every problem has a solution in the form of an application.

Whether you need a nudge in the morning to work out or you need to be reminded of drinking water, whether you are looking for tracking your fitness journey or you want to keep your mind sane during the hectic day, these apps will cover everything for you.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Tracking Apps are known to track your activities and give you a nudge when you skip workout or achieve your goals. When we are trying to stay healthy and fit, tracking the ingested calories becomes important. These apps rely on honest inputs from the users to give you the right results and provide you helpful information like calorie goals, nutrition breakdown, etc.

Apart from inputs by the user, these apps also gather information from fitness trackers and wearable devices. Connected to your body, these trackers collect your body vitals and display the results or reading through an app on your phone.

They track your physical activity like distance traveled, steps walked, pace, etc. Another feature that motivates you to work out is the reminders these apps send you every time you miss a workout, motivating you to continue your fitness journey. These apps are engaging, inspiring and motivating.

Workout Apps

These are the most popular type of fitness apps that you need to stay motivated and fit. These apps are popular for both novices and those who are trained and need something to maintain their fitness.

These apps guide you throughout the workout session and keep you at your toes even during your busy days by reminding you to work out. These have music features to pace up your energy and for you to enjoy a rhythmic workout.

These days, fitness workout apps have aced up to not only guide you to exercise but also monitor your exercise using AI and Machine learning. Monitoring body postures through pose estimation, these apps keep track that you are perform the exercise correctly. Offering custom exercise routines, they allow users to focus on particular body parts to achieve their specific goals.

With the shutting down of gyms due to the pandemic, many gyms and health centers shifted to an online mode of training for their clients. Workout app development also witnessed a boom. The increased competition compelled companies to bring more advanced features that aid their client’s fitness journey while attracting new people to join them. So if you have these apps, you are sorted.

Nutrition Apps

These apps are specific to maintain your nutrition requirements, monitor your diet and suggest healthy cooking methods. It is well known and accepted that weight loss requires a combination of workouts and a healthy diet.

To solve the problem of monitoring what you are eating, how much should you eat, there are plenty of apps available that advise you on the right intake of nutrition, calorie, carbohydrates, fats, etc.  These suggest you right food options, and also tell you recipes. These apps help you calculate the calories you had in your food and how much you need to burn.

Social Fitness Apps

These are apps that let you share your journey with others. Social fitness apps are a great motivator as they use socialization to keep you motivated to work out. They allow you to share your data on your social media and also help you to connect with like-minded people who have the same fitness goals as you, who follow the same fitness routine as you do.

These apps help you to build a community that inspires and motivates you. In this social media-obsessed world, sharing your fitness journey becomes a great motivator.

Mindfulness apps

These apps help you to stay mentally fit by guiding you to meditate and unwind all your stress. Helping you to lead a healthy life, these applications suggest you stretching exercises for your full body stretch and also specific stretches for focused stretches.

While staying physically fit is important having a good mental state is equally important. These apps aid the physical fitness journey by motivating you to stay mentally fit, happy and enthusiastic.

Now that you are aware of the types of apps you need to kick start that fitness journey you’ve been dreaming of, there is no excuse to not start immediately.

Fitness app development companies take care of every required feature that you need to get fit and stay motivated. While these apps can help you through your transformation journey, the real motivation will come from within. Fitness app development services can only guide you, but the real journey is yours. So get started now!


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