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Types of Aquarium Plants and How to Take Care of Them?

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A novice guide to aquarium plants is something that everyone who owns a fish tank finds quite handy. Perhaps you have seen a nicely planted aquarium and wanted to own the same in your living room? It all appears to be quite tempting, but it is way more complicated. This guide provides a couple of pointers on selecting the ideal species and how to take care of them. First, and foremost, that Live Aquarium Plants require three basic things to remain healthy, discussed below:

  • Sufficient lighting- Proper lighting simulates the favourable properties of sunlight for plant photosynthesis. The heavier the tank, the more powerful the light system needed.
  • Proper Substrate- The suitable substrate retains dwell plants anchored and supplies a fertile region for root development.
  • Fresh Water- When you decide to go with plants in an aquarium, you need to constantly change water as plants constantly need fresh water to stay healthy.

Now let us discuss some of the famous types of plants to choose from:

Select the Right Fish Species

It should go without saying that when you’ve researched all about light, substrate and fertilisers, you have to give serious thought to select the right species of fish. No matter how great your setup is, you always want to select those species of fish that don’t rely on Aquarium Plants for their food.

Types of Aquatic Plants for Aquarium

Frequently most people buy plants from their regional fish store without giving it a serious thought. However, aquatic plants change in shape, colour and size, and have distinct light, water and feeding parameter requirements. So before choosing the plant type for your aquarium, always do your homework beforehand.

There are three types of plants that are used in an Aquarium. There are three chief sorts of plants that may be utilised in an aquarium which we will be referring to here: frozen plants, bunch plants, plants, and floating plants.

Rooted Plants

Rooted plants arrive in many different sizes and shapes. These are suited for an aquarium with background plantings. These plants need their roots firmly planted in the gravel, and you have to take good care of them. The famous types of rooted plants are as follows:

  • Eel Grass
  • Sword Plant
  • Fanwort
  • Elodea

Bunch Plants

These plants get their name from the way they are planted, and they are planted in groups or bunches. They grow very fast and need the proper amount of lighting. Famous types of bunch plants are as follows:

  • Anacharis
  • Ambulia
  • Bacopa australis

Floating Plants 

Floating plants take root in water and not need sand for their roots. Out of all the three types of plants, these grow faster and need maximum light. For these types of plants, you need to be very careful as they will cover all your aquarium in no time. Famous types of these plants areas:

  • Crystalwort
  • Hornwort
  • Anacharis

Final Words

Live aquatic plants belong to home aquariums, and also, as the plants grow, they make aquarium fish healthy and happy. Always pay attention to proper lighting, substrate, controlled temperature, and wholesome water requirements.


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