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Types of Air Hose Clamps and How do They Work?

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If you are working with industrial hoses or with hoses in garages or tyre repair workshops, it is significant to know everything about its types, applications, maintenance, and storage. In addition, one must be well verse with the equipments, tools, and fittings to be worked with different types of hoses. It not only ensures safety while working with various equipments but also their maximum efficiency when using them on the job.

With all the prior knowledge there is to grasp about various hose accessories including valves, gauges, to fittings, clips and clamps, it becomes extremely easy and efficient to work with them. However, today our focus is on a type of hose accessory namely: Hose Clamps or Hose Clips. With many different types of clamps available, we will try to understand their working, types, uses and how to care for them.

What are Hose Clamps?

Air Hose Clamps and Clips are designed to secure hose or flexible tube onto a fitting. The purpose of this device is to seal and stabilise any hose configuration. It is done by placing a clamp around a hose directly over a fitting and thus preventing the air in the hose from leaking at the connection point. This done by creating equal amount of pressure all around and therefore, putting a stop on gaps for internal air to exit.

How do Hose Pipe Clamp Works

Hose pipe clamp is an adaptable device that is quick and practical for fixing flexible hoses to hose connectors and other fittings. It is necessary to check the condition of clamps on regular basis and change them when required. Below is the method of how to use a hose clamp with hose or tube.

  • Firstly, attach the clamp to the edge of a hose.
  • Place this edge of the hose around the required object or equipment.
  • Tighten the clamp and secure the hose in its place ensuring that there is no leakage at the point of connection or at any point of configuration.

The clamps work this way because of the force applied to the clamp screw creates a tension load that is equally exerted over the metal band. A radial force, produced from tension load, is exerted on the circumference of the hose, tightening the metal band evenly around it and thus, avoiding any loss of pressure or product being carried within the hose.

Different Types of Air Hose Clamps

Before using any clamp in your workshop, garage or for any industrial application, one must understand different types of hose clamps and their roles. The hose clamps are available in different types of designs, material and sizes. Below mention are some of the most popular types of Air Hose Clips.

Worm Drive Hose Clips: These are metal band clamps with interlocking ends and are among the most popular variety. Its screw tightening mechanism applies unfailing pressure and helps prevent shearing. However, these clamps look same but often come in different designs. Whereas, some designs are made with incisions in the band, others may come without such details for economical reason.

Ear Hose Clamps: Made of stainless steel band with one or more closing elements present, these clamps are also referred to as single or double ear hose clamps. Ideal for small diameters, this type of clamp are simple but offer effective clamping. Ear Hose are used for fastening of the tubes and hoses to a fitting that requires permanent joint. Obvious ear deformity of the clamp makes it easier to tell the tampering and can be changed accordingly.

Spring Hose Clamps: Mainly used for creating seals on automotive fuel lines, spring hose clamps are designed so that there is a narrow protrusion centred on the end and with a pair of slim protrusion on other the end on each side. These clamps are mostly used for small or medium pressure hoses.

 Bolt Clamps: These types of clamps comprise of bolts at each end for fastening with the help of wrench. Clamping tools, manual as well as pneumatic, offers strength and leverage for clamp installation and removal.   

Uses and Applications for Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps are used in variety of applications across many sectors. In general, they are most commonly used in agriculture and automotive industries. Although, because of its versatile nature, it is also used for other purposes including for clamping lines during urgent home plumbing repairs. In some cases, people find unique ways to use the clamps such as a permanent version of duct tape.

However, it is the industrial setting where there are most opportunities to use clamps in many ways. Despite more long-term solutions are available for sealing the hose to its fittings, clamps are still in use in all the situations where efficient, agile, cost-effective, quick and reusable solutions are required.

However, some points should be kept in mind while using clamps. Make sure not to over tighten the clamps to avoid serious pressure issues or damaging the external surface of the hose. Opt for clamp of right size for ensuring safety. To make sure smooth and efficient working for your fittings and hoses, Ranger Stork provides a wide collection of Hose Clamps in steal and zinc finish. Our product range comes in variety of measurements for your requirement. 


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