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Type S solar powered hd quick-connect wireless backup camera review

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wireless backup camera: In this pace era of technology, driving is an essential medium of transportation. While talking about accidents and their risks it seems mandatory to opt for some cool gadgets. If we look back, we can easily thousands of cases in which people got injured because of the negligence of drivers.

In most cases, a typical rear blind spot to some extent hide objects. So, to get rid of this problem opt for a solar-powered backup camera they will help in reducing accident risks which in return saves more and more lives.

Why choose Solar-powered wireless backup camera?

Solar-powered Backup cameras

If we talk about how many times a driver backup his car then, the answer will be many times. So, no matter how careful the driver is things pop up from nowhere. If your vehicle does not support this feature then install it manually. I jotted down a few reasons why it is mandatory.

Blind zones:

On every vehicle on each side, there are blind spots. In most cases, the driver cannot see those blind spots. And they are stretched 15 to 20 feet behind the vehicle; creating danger for pedestrians. Moreover, in the case of large trucks and vehicles, these blind spots are more stretched.

Furthermore, children do not understand their use and become the target of the driver’s bad backup of the vehicle.

Backup crashes:

Backup crashes mostly compel the driver to buy a backup camera. Because it occurs whenever the driver reverses the vehicle and causes a lot of damage. If we talk about backup crashes then it includes poles, trees, pedestrians, cyclists, and many more.


It mostly occurs when an individual gets seriously injured by the driver during the backup of the vehicle. It can be prevented as it kills thousands of people. Mostly these types of accidents occur in driveways, parking lots, etc.

Type S solar-powered HD quick-connect wireless backup camera

So, let’s discuss the Type S solar-powered HD quick-connect wireless backup camera; one of the amazing products of solar-powered backup cameras.

This camera has the potential to take the driving level to the extreme and make the driver comfortable while reversing the vehicle. Moreover, this parking sensor is an amazing solution for those vehicles that have no camera access and has outdated features.

In most of cases, backup cameras screen take up a lot of space, sometimes distracts you from driving, or in a few cases make the appearance view obstruct or clutter the cockpit and many more problems. But this camera will keep all these problems away from you because with this camera there is no need for any extra tools or equipment.

Moreover, within a few minutes, the sensor will mount on the license plate. Not only this but also after the initial charging of the camera, the solar panels will help you. Because they will get ready the camera for usage purposes.


  • Rechargeable Solar license plate
  • 720P HD video quality
  • 5 inches colored LCD monitor
  • Technology of G-sensor
  • Monitor with gesture activation
  • Useable in harsh weather conditions
  • Power saving mode


In a nutshell, opt for this backup camera if you are a lover of high-technology products. Furthermore, choose according to your budget and vehicle.


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