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Two-Stepping Tips for Beginners

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If you are new to Music City and want to experience all the live country music Nashville has to offer, you are going to need to learn two-step. This dance is one of the most popular country music for a reason. It is a versatile dance suited to all sorts of music and settings. Grab a partner and follow along to these tips for two-stepping.

The cadence is “quick, quick, slow, slow.” Get into a rhythm and keep moving. Two-step moves along at a pace similar to walking, so be sure not to fall behind or jump ahead. You and your partner should move in step, at the same time, and to the beat.

Follow the line. If you’re on a crowded dance floor, you need to move with the other dancers as well as your partner. Generally, the dance will flow in a circle around the dance floor, with quicker pairings moving on the outside and couples who are taking it slowly working their way to the middle. As you and your partner settle into the timing, work your way into the part of the crowd where you won’t collide with someone else.

Now that you’ve gotten moving and into the line, you’re ready to add a spin! At the end of a quick, quick, slow, slow set, the lead twirls the follower. For timing, a turn replaces a set of steps, with the spin itself happening in the quick steps. The leader should be sure to leave room for their partner to complete their turn while continuing to move the pair forward as part of the flow of the floor. After completing a spin, return to the previous position and take your two slow steps.

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