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Try These 7 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys and Girls

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Cake is happiness in a tangible and edible form.

When it comes to a surprise birthday cake idea, it is too easy to run wild with small imaginations. For example, you can choose a thematic cake to double the joy or fun of a birthday party. But, if your baby girl adores Barbie character, you can order a customized Barbie cake for her. Precisely, there are endless ways to show your creativity, especially when you have to choose an exceptional and lip-smacking cake for your kid’s birthday. Nowadays, Pinata Cake Singapore is considered the best and most artistic birthday cake for good reasons. This 3-D cake has taken the internet by storm as everyone loves to try this cake at special events.

The discussion doesn’t end here as we are spotlighting seven different creative cake ideas you can admire for your baby boy or baby girl’s birthday party.

Top 7 Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Girls And Boys

Here is the list of the top 7 birthday cake everyone should try.

Surprise Cake with Hidden Sweeties

It is fun to make knock knock Pinata cake as you can fill it with anything you want. Basically, Pinata cakes are specially designed to hide something surprising and appealing inside them. Don’t you think this cake is the best choice to surprise your kid on his/her big day?

Surely, this outstanding cake is an incredible choice to make your kid’s day worth remembering.

However, it is always recommended to choose a professional or well-reputed cake shop that bakes an impeccable cake. You can pick any of the customized Pinata cake, including ‘Floral Unicorn Knock Knock Pinata Surprise Cake’, ‘Hello Kitty Knock Knock Pinata Surprise Cake’ or ‘Master Ball Pokemon Knock Knock Pinata Cake’.

The choice is all yours, and you can opt for any of the desired cake after considering your kid’s prospect or preferences.

Kids love surprises. So, you can also try a surprise cake with hidden sweeties as this cake can surely make your baby’s day.

Ice-Cream Drip Cake

A fantastic choice for a summer birthday, or you can try it whenever you want to. This colourful ice cream drip cake with multicoloured sprinkles is an incredible option for a baby girl’s birthday. Again, this cake can also be customized as per your preferences. You can add on your son’s or daughter’s favourite colour because it’s her/his big day and you need to do everything according to their choice.

Kitkat Chocolate Cake

Please find me a person who doesn’t like chocolate or chocolate cake. Indeed, we all are chocolate lovers, and everyone wants to celebrate a special event by cutting a chocolate cake.

In fact, chocolate cake is always trendy and an excellent preference for every day’s event. You can order Kitkat chocolate cake for your child’s birthday as we are sure that your kid will love this chocolate cake with KitKat on its top.

Rainbow Layer Cake

No surprise, kids love different colours, and they want to be in the imaginative world of colours. So, it is recommended to try Rainbow Layer Cake on your baby’s birthday if you haven’t tested it yet.

As discussed earlier, it is preferable to choose the renowned cake shop for this purpose as the professionals can bake this cake like a pro.

Character Cake

Boys adore different cartoon character (including Superman, Batman, Pokémon, and Doraemon etc.). You can select any of the favourite characters and order a character-themed cake for your kid’s birthday.

Similarly, girls also like different cartoon characters and want to become like them in real life. Some of the most famous cartoon characters are Elsa, Anna, Barbie, Dora and Tiana etc.

So, why don’t you pick your baby girl’s favourite cartoon character and order a character-themed cake for her?

Money Pulling Cake

Let’s talk about another favourite cake that never fails to impress everyone. Gladly, this cake is getting massive recognition, and everyone wants to cut this cake on their birthday.

So, why don’t you order a money roll cake for your kid’s birthday? Interestingly, you can choose any of the flavours, including strawberry, mango and vanilla cake etc. You can add real money inside it. We are sure your kid will love this surprise.

Cupcakes Birthday Age Cake

Are you thinking about trying something different on your kid’s 4th birthday? Why don’t you order a cupcake birthday age cake this time?

This unique cake is also much acclaimed because cupcakes can be designed according to your kid’s age.

Again, it is somewhat affordable to prepare this cake, and it’s an elegant choice for your kids’ birthday.

Every Cake Has a Unique Story to Tell

Happiness starts with an enticing cake. So, choose any of the cake mentioned above and make your kid’s birthday unforgettable. However, don’t compromise on the quality standards and prefer a cake shop that prepares the best cakes in the town.


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